Picture of *REPURPOSED* Women's FASHION Tie - PURPLE
If YOU enjoy this Instructable, please VOTE for it !!  I Love sharing my Passion for Creating and hope you enjoy this project.  GREAT way to RE-USE, RE-CYCLE, RE-PURPOSE a Men's Tie !!  Men's ties come in all shades, widths but are almost always made of SILK.  If YOU have a favorite tie from the men in your family, then RE-USE it, SILK is expensive!  NO COST if using pre-owned tie. 
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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
Men's Silk Tie, Scissors, Seam Ripper, Snap, Iron, Sewing Machine

Step 2: Press Open

Picture of Press Open
Instructables !! 031.JPG
Instructables !! 032.JPG
Using Seam Ripper on BOTTOM of Men's Tie (widest part), OPEN seam up.  PRESS open

Step 3: Make Bow

Picture of Make Bow
Instructables !! 035.JPG
Lay Tie straight.  Near the BOTTOM of Tie that is now pressed OPEN, fold over a measure of the extra tie to create a "Loop" or "Bow".  On EACH SIDE, pinch all of edges to whip stitch together.  Bottom will be a little bigger but that will be o.k. for flange at bottom -you'll see :)

Step 4: Make Dimple

Picture of Make Dimple
Instructables !! 037.JPG
Where the Bow or Loop is now formed, make a DIMPLE in the tie by pinching together both sides.  Whip Stitch back to hold together and wrap a couple of loops around the whole tie to secure Dimple. 

Step 5: Tie Tie :)

Picture of Tie Tie :)
Instructables !! 040.JPG
Instructables !! 043.JPG
Instructables !! 046.JPG
You will now be ready to Tie Tie :)  First put on either Mannequin or a LIVE subject to get correct neck fitting.  With Bow/Bottom of Tie on LEFT side (opposite of yourself), take leftover Tie and lay OVER Dimple area.  Wrap leftover Tie UNDER and pull snug.  Wrap leftover Tie OVER again.  Holding TIGHT, Wrap UNDER again.  MARK with PIN where Leftover Fabric should be CUT.  Keep practicing until you get a perfect Knot. 
Fun idea!
Kanatka (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Exactly !! GREAT conversation piece !! :D