How to uninstall a CUSTOM FIRMWIRE from your psp and install a OFFICIAL 1.5 firmwire.

Step 2: ...and now... the procedure,,,

1. Back up all your data on your memory stick as you will be formatting it.

2.Format your memory stick.

3.If you have not downloaded the file from the "what you need step", download it and extract it using win rar.(oh yeah.....install winrar first) =P

4.Connect your psp by going into USB mode.

5.Put the recovery folder into PSP/GAME/

6.Exit USB mode.

7.Completely shut down your psp by holding down the power button or removing the battery (make sure you are NOT going into sleep mode)

8.Press and hold down the right shoulder button while powering on the psp. you will be prompted with a flash screen (recovery mode ,main menu)

9.Select the option that reads Run program at PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP

10.Follow the options as is. "X" to start " "R" to cancel. When done, manually restart the psp by completely shutting down again. Do this by holding down the power button.

11.When powering back on, you will see a blue error screen with lots of words in different languages on it. keep tapping "O" and you will be prompted with the default setup as you did when you first got your psp.

12.That's it your done. I hope this instructable was useful to anyone. Even just one person because then, it was worth writing.
IslemB2 days ago

hey guys....

i have a 6.60 version on my psp....

but after updating it to this version my games aren't showing....i tried to update it to pro but when i enter the update...it turns off after few seconds...

i tried this but when i enter it from the memory stick it says "the game could not be started"..."corrupted data"

my psp cam is working...music is working so does videos and everything exept my game...when i enter the memory stick it's like it's empty....but i actualy have games in it....

please help guys....

IslemB2 days ago

i have 6.60 and my games aren't showing in the memory stick....

i tried to format the memory card and nothing happend.....when i want to upgrade to pro...i enter the pro upgrade then it turns off after few seconds....

i tried this but i don't know how to make it work......now i can't play games....please help guys....i'm so breaked cause i can't play invizimals and i bought the camera few days ago....

Sam03004 years ago
it did not work so if it does not work for me then it wont work with anybody else good luck for next time you create something else.
y8ycgl7 years ago
i have the same problem... i turn it on and its just a black screen...... and it turns itself off after a minute..... what is this? it needs to be fixed.....
hingino y8ycgl5 years ago
mine did the same thing....now my battery doesnt even work, but it happened right after i put costume fimware on it. it completely fried my battery. all you need to do is start your psp with the charger and no battery in it. once you see the whole menu, you put your battery in.
razordx25 years ago
Hey something isnt working here mind helping me out? i put the recovery file into PSP/GAME/ and then when i ran it it said the game could not be started. Then i went into configuration and changed it to no umd and took out any game i had in it it still said the game could not be started what should i do? Thx in advance ^^ (btw i have CFW 5.00 M33 and a psp phat idk if t helps tho >.<)
guyman5436 years ago
when i try and run the file my screen goes black when i restart the system it comes on like normal with the old custom firmware
Jabracada6 years ago
Well my PSP was semi-bricked b4, at least i could use it. Now thanks to this guide it's completely bricked. Thank's a lot. How can i stick to the "be nice" policy on my first post when my psp is now ruined.
Partisan6 years ago
I'd just like to say a massive thankyou to the author of this instructable. I bought a used PSP only to find it has Custom Firmware on it, disabling me from using brand new games because I couldn't update the Firmware with Sony. I searched the net long and hard, like literally a few hours until I came across this. It worked perfectly, and now I can play the new games. Thanks alot to the owner! R.Smith
entar9256 years ago
it says the game could not be started 8002013C when I run recovery :P btw its a fat psp with firmware 5.00-m33-4 etc
i did everything again, im about ready to pull my hair out, not sure, maybe im doing something wrong. any suggestions
well i went step by step i get an error game could not start(80010002)any suggestions what to do now thank u
damion217 years ago
Yay it worked, thnx for the info.
i have the new red god of war psp (slim) and i let my friend convince me into getting custom firmware, but now i think it sucks. i tried wat u sed and it always shows up "unable to startup game (8012383blablabla)" do u kno wat im doing wrong?
danielsdesk7 years ago
I'm not sure what the fuss was about... this worked perfectly fine for me! Thanks a lot! Maybe we should mention what kinds of psps these directions are or aren't working on? For instance, mine is a really really old "fat" psp (not the newer slim psps, nor the newest of the "fat" ones); it's model is definitely fro the PSP1001 series, and this worked perfect for me. Maybe people are having problems doing these directions on newer psps? Also, the custom firmware I had on before I did these directions were the 3.52-M33-4 custom firmware and have now downgraded to 1.5 successfully.
drammons7 years ago
This didn't work. Now my PSP is bricked in the worst way (no screen). The console said PANIC several times before writing files. Now I get nothing.
Hey, What do you mean with the right shoulder button is that like the R button? cause I can't get it to work Thanx
SSMatey7 years ago
You my friend are the man, it worked great thanks alot.
I got a free PSP because my cousin accidentally deleted all the software off it and he gave it to me to see if I could fix it. Well anyway, would this work to reinstall the original software (Or any, I just want to play games) back onto it? If not, do you know how?
kish7 years ago
this thing DOES NOT WORK !!!