I used this easy technique to restore colour and repair some scraches on my car bumper.

All you need is heat gun, knife and small peace of thick cardboard.


Very simple, and best way to make pale bumper on your old car look like new.

Do not use this metod on painted surface, beacuse you can damage paint.

All you need is heat gun. I find some old, but useful heat gun in my garage.Turn on your heat gun and keep tip of blower 3-4 cm far from surface. Keep on one place until you see difference. Heat gun melt surface of plastic bumper and bring back to original color.Take a piece of thick cardboard when you working near painted car surface, and hold it betwen painted surface and blower to protect paint.I did this to 2 of my cars, and it looks preety good.

This works with many different types of plastic.

Also if you have any scraches or your bumper is broken, you can fix it with this method. Use some old knife and carefuly melt demaged surface and sculp it with knife.

I hope this will be helpful.


thank you so much for this. I have spent a lot of time doing the rub on products and noting last.
I am glad this can be helpful :).<br>Please vote for my project
Thats pretty cool ideas you guys
Thank you! :) <br>Please vote
How long will it last? Have you seen any peeling?
I beleve it will last many years. But if ut pale again , beacuse of staying long ona sun, it is easy fast and free to do it again.
There is no peeling, beacuse bliw gun actualy melt plastic and bring up original plastic colour. Plastic bumper pale by years and sun effect. I did this on 1 bumper before 2 years and it stil look perfect.
I wish I had known this trick when I had my Jeep! I tried so many off the shelf products, nothing lasted. Great job!
<p>Thank you. I am glad if this can be useful to you. :)</p><p>Please vote for my project.</p>

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