this is a warm and cozy scarfed hoodie, you can were it on your head like an hoody or on your shoulder. is reversible so you can change colors depending on how you are dress! they are nice both on woman or man.
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    is it just me, or am i missing the instructions someplace?

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    Oh and, on a technical note, the measurements you gave didn't exactly line up with your pictures. That is, the scarf/neck measurement on the stencil isn't really 7inches, but more like 7.5 or 8. The neck you have on your stencil looked way thicker than my original one, and the scarf part was indeed looking skimpy on my first two, so I modified it to be a teensy bit larger. Just thought I'd throw that out there!

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    yes the measurement were approximate, I did many different models, some really thin some thick ,so I just put an average inches...
    But thanks for the advice, it will be useful for who is going to make some.

    So I've made about 5 of these so far, and I'm getting pretty good at it. It's really helping me to skill up my sewing. I made the one for my friend's birthday, and it is monogrammed with her initials! I will post pictures soon!

    This is very pretty! If I make one for my daughter I will post a picture! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm making one of these for my friend for her birthday and one for myself. I'm also going to make a version that is water resistant with snaps so that it can easily be added to any jacket that you add corresponding straps to. Instead of being reversible, the water resistant jacket addition version will have fleece on the inside for warmth.

    Thank you so much for this instructable! I hope to post pictures soon of what I accomplish. You have my vote :)

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    it is about 30 cm wide( the hoody part), 17 cm wide (the scarf part) and 90 cm long.
    but I always change the measurements also depending on how stretchy or thick is the fabric.


    measurements are given in this :-)...and isn't it lovely??