Picture of RF Jammer
Create RF mayhem with a pocket sized jammer! Confuse friends and annoy the kids. Its the RF Jammer.

So what is a Jammer?
Def: jam 7. 'To interfere with or prevent the clear reception of (broadcast signals) by electronic means.' - http://www.answers.com/jam

This instructable show you how to build a simple RF jammer/noise generator for 0-128MHZ. The sole purpose of this device is to interfere with the proper function of radio controlled objects.

The best part is that this project is SIMPLE. All of the heavy lifting is done for you by an Parallax Propeller chip. The hardest part is waiting for your components to arrive by UPS.

WARNING: In the US and elsewhere the intentional Jamming of RF Signals is ILLEGAL. The FCC does not look kindly on this type of action.
Also lady ada has a great writeup on this:

Step 1: What is happening

Picture of What is happening
So with this jammer you are creating noise at the input frequency you have set. (Or multiple frequencies you set if you use more pins!!!) Below is the block diagram.
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RyanO210 months ago

how does it jam the signal? are you basically making a transmitter that puts out a stronger wave?

Kutluhan RyanO25 months ago

Yes, this is a transmitter. Working like white noise.

mohammads76 months ago

I have a question about from where i can get the board? Did you make it by yourself? or it's available in somewhere? I read the comments for an answer but i found nothing.


tech26410 months ago

Remember this is all for Education!! Only.

I need help building a LF transceiver that will travel trough a 2.4ghz signal. from point A to point B also jam signal , Signal relay,

315.00MHz/433.92MHz/868.30MHz and 91

5.00MHz with one 24.305MHz crystal

Sarrx10 months ago

If you wanted to change the frequency you jammed, say 2400mhz for example, would you just have to switch out the crystal for a 24000mhz crystal?

kittypwr791 year ago

You should not be selling these. They are illegal and for a reason. People have been using devices like these to jam me and my psychic abilities and then blaming it on everyone else...COINTELPRO players are sick and cannot handle items like these responsibly. RF jams interfere with personal liberties and I hope the govt closes the civilian terrorists who use these down!

This device no work
arield24624 years ago
Hi. I'm building a design for counter terrorists attacks using IED (Improvised Explosive Devices). Can your design work up to 2GHz? Also, where can I buy the board you used here? How much is it? Thanks! You can reach me at arieldimacali@yahoo.com. Thanks!
drgabler (author)  arield24622 years ago
You want to explore lady ada's wave bubble or work with a different technology for something where lives are in danger.
I'm thanking about making a few of these and letting them loose on a RC Airplane flying area. IM SOOOO EVIL MUAHAHA
i don't know if thats such a good idea(out of control airplanes flying all over the place) I recommend a track race track(rc cars go BAM BAM CRASH BAM!) they run at 20-50mhz and 140+mhz
that gives me a great idea, alter the car that you would be using to run on a significantly higher frequency than most RC cars, and then make a jammer that go's across common RC frequencies and in the race set it off so that your car is the only one still driving
that would make it a bit too obvious, to suspicious. Maybe making the other cars get out of control or something...
You can use a 2.4GHz those wont get jammed. Then use the jammer
Not to mention one that operates at such a high level would be: Illegal, 2.4GHZ is for Camera's Cordless phones and Wifi. Really Expensive, Generating a 2.4GHZ signal is not easy, And Receiving it is even harder.
I'm sorry but you are compleatly wrong. Many people run 2.4 GHz on their rc vehicles. Check out sites for Jr, futuba, and spectrumrc. Com they all sell 2.4GHz systems. Do your resea rch before you state something is illegal
Whatever, just don't tell me nothing if the FCC starts banging on your door...
All of those controlers are given the green light by FCC so no they wont be knocking on the door any time soon and btw I'm using my phone to post and I can't use the spell check form it -__-
Scurge ReCreate5 years ago
....  Who cares?  Can you understand what he is saying?  Is this a job resume or an English essay?  Spelling and grammar police have a special level of hades reserved for them, just above lawyers.   BTW, the spell checker on here is garbage.  If it even works properly, it often flags words that arn't misspelled and ignores ones that are.  Case in point: hades.   Some of us have much more important things to do than spell check an insignificant comment on an instructable.  (which is another word that is [in the context of this site] inappropriately flagged).  "Let he who is without [grammatical/spelling] sin cast the first stone."  If you want to get technical, you capitalized two words in your policing post here that didn't need it, and your punctuation and structure in the sentence above is totally wrong.  There's no need to attempt to flaunt your intellect here by calling someone out on their spelling, it just makes you look rectally retentive.   Man, it seems like the only time I post a comment is when I defend someone who gets harassed by the spelling police. 
bullets- Scurge3 years ago
this is the bestess plase on the hole enternet,dude dont get your panties all bunched up ,who cares about spelling.its not relevant to the topic.
Aztof ReCreate5 years ago
Just drop it.
drgabler (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
PLEASE stop the argument.  This whole project is illegal if done in the US, this is simply a theoretical project.  Nothing about the implementation is OK.  The FCC specifically prohibits ANYTHING like this be it 1khz or 2.4 ghz.

See my original warning:
WARNING: In the US and elsewhere the intentional Jamming of RF Signals is ILLEGAL. The FCC does not look kindly on this type of action.
Also lady ada has a great writeup on this:
Well the last time I heard it was illegal to:
1) Politicians to take bribes
2) Police officers to lie
3) Prosecutors to manufacture (plant) evidence
4) Defraud consumers
5) Be in this country ILLEGALLY
6) Grope somone's stuff (TSA)
7) Overcharging "mistakes" from banks?

I can just see it now hundreds of thousands of FCC technicians, each walking around with 10,000 worth of receivers, to look for emitters that are not supposed to be there. hhhmmm What about the LICENSEES who are violating technical standards or their own licenses? What about cell phone companies who lie about the REAL backhaul limtations of their service?

I guess that is not as important?!

I know people who have been prankster jammin for many many years....throw them in jail...along with the twelve million ILLEGALS who are breaking even more laws...like collecting welfare, not paying income taxes and selling using narcotics and voting under fictitious names...ever heard of Acorn?

I am really afraid...!
ad hominem
Well you do not seem to know where to correctly place apostrophes so you should shut up.
Your point is?????
0girle ReCreate6 years ago
man i for got all about rc car..,
my dads like a rc plane person and doing that is NOT a good idea AT ALL the dudes who fly the rc planes are usually pretty serious about it and get mega pissed if someone comes to their field and flys on the same frequency as someone else (basiclly screwing with them flying their plane) if you crash everyones plane your not just gonna get yelled at you'd probably get sued.
I wanna do that now!
Whoever says that what you are going to do is Go run in the middle of the field and turn the jammer on and then say "I DID IT HAHAHAHAH NOW THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT *moons the crowd* "?
Also, if one of the planes were to crash as a result of your intervention you could be 'going away' for a long time :-(

Or you could be nice, and build a control tower for takeoff and landing. You can control 8 planes at once, so you could have a proper tower. Also, people need to prove that they are allowed to fly, or you jam them.
tinkerC tinkerC6 years ago
Make money that way!
I like that Idea $$$
There are eight cogs, control eight planes for landing, if it is busy. How much does a propeller chip cost? What language is it coded in?
drgabler (author)  tinkerC5 years ago
not much <$20usd and spin.
I really wouldn't! Some of the planes up there are £1000's worth!
or a track.... But Ilive equal distance from a flying field, and a track so ill take my pick :D
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