Step 8: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
It works (Except for the power issue)!!
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jimmytvf2 years ago
wow, this gave me an idea to how to make an anti thief system. instead of powering up the servo with the RFID, you can put a heavy duty relay from the spark plug wires in your car and trigger it with the RFID, so anybody can drive it! you could start the car also with the RFID, but is a pretty seen idea.

nice ible dude, i mean duke!
jweirs2 years ago
overall, this is kickass. can you use one arduino module for more than one rfid reader? if you put the arduino in the center console, and ran an rfid reader for the trunk, doors, and starter (maybe), could the one arduino differentiate between signals? or just fire all the servos at once?