RFID Controls for Spotify on OSX using hacked Mir:ror.

Picture of RFID Controls for Spotify on OSX using hacked Mir:ror.
Crappy weather in Paris... So this weekend is RFID weekend !

My Spotify account is used by my kids on a regular basis now and not all of them are old enough to read. A few lines of script later, and Spotify is accessible to all of them (which seems to already cause healthy fights, but let's stay focused...).

I used Mir:ror in a previous Instructable: it is a RFID reader that used to need a web service from a now dead company (Violet).

Said RFID reader can be accessed locally by simple scripts (including osascript).

What you will need for this project:

- a Mir:ror from violet (about 10 / 15 euros on ebay / in a garage sale these days)
- compatible RFID cards (any ISO14443A card, ebay is your friend)
- a Mac running OSX (mine is running 10.6.8). [minimum Intel-mac, running 10.5]
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Step 1: OSX

Picture of OSX
[note: I used to use node.js here but due to incompatibility with 10.5.8, I ended up modifying a hidapi example instead.]

Hidtest is a program that opens the device and reads from it. It is a modified example of the hidapi package. Details in step 4.

Copy the attached hidtest and files into your home directory.
Then, in a terminal:

bash-3.2$ chmod 777
bash-3.2$ chmod 777 hidtest

start the script in a terminal

bash-3.2$ ./

Step 2: Configuration / Usage

Picture of Configuration / Usage
1. Configuration

Basic commands (learn, lock, playpause, volUp, volDown) are stored in the script itself. You need to update tag ids with your own.

## RFID tags
cat > $tmp2 << EOF
00000462e6580c00000000000000 learn
000004a2e55b0c00000000000000 lock
000004f27a5f0c00000000000000 playpause
00000432f7620c00000000000000 volUp
000004e27d610c00000000000000 volDown

2. Usage

- lock/unlock the device using the lock card.

- playpause, volUp and volDown just do what they say.

- learn: with this card on the reader, the script will pair the next card with the current song. If the current song is paused, then the current location is also stored.