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Where the idea came.
The idea of creating RFID Emulator come from the idea to create an environment for developing and experimenting with different RFID applications. This article was created with the goal of engineers amateur enthusiasts and fans of electronics who like to experiment with different radio frequency devices and face their challenges. Later i realized it for the useful application of the schematic in our daily lives and how useful it can be developed schematic for making a backup of the existing RFID card, so you always have a backup of your access card - as assume that you have the spare keys to your home or car. If you loss your RIFD card, you will have backup using RIFD Emulator, you will not be able to lift without the barrier of your garage or sitting outside the office. After using this emulator for emergency needs when is possible and in convenient time you can tell people supporting system for access control that your card is lost and want new. And with RFID emulator you can make a backup of it and to use it in subsequent similar need. Most useful of all this is that RIFD Emulator will not confuse engagements planned for the day.

You can buy kit for assembling and see another interesting projects in my website: www.kukata86.com

If you have another ideas or has developed better shematic with  more  options, Please share it with us on my website, let's make this project bigger and better.

Creators and distributors of the scheme and the materials needed for construction and will not be responsible for malicious actions by malicious individuals from tampering with the device! Everything about this device and the attached article is for educational and experimental purposes. Use at your own risk!

where i can buy it

QuickLulz10 months ago

Did anyone ever end up trying clonemykey.com? We own an apartment building and need our entire stock of key cards duplicated. The system won't let us add anymore and upgrading costs a fortune! The company says it can duplicate or "clone" our keys but we're very hesitant to send them money and our only keys!

c1c2c32 years ago
Am I the only one who noticed that the buttons on the video are on the up side but on the photos they are always on the downside?
kukata86 (author)  c1c2c31 year ago
Yes, the first prototype was developed with buttons from the side with componenets, but after that i choose to make buttons from back side becouse was is easier to put it in a box, and push buttons from this side. Bigger eletrolitic capacitor is too high, and was dificult to push the butons when was on side with components. Second modification was only for buttons,There is no other changes on schematic.
In the video clip i use the first "working prototype" board.
c1c2c32 years ago
What is the second button for?
kukata86 (author)  c1c2c32 years ago
The second buton is for optional/future releases or for your custom option if you make your own code. For now it's not used.
c1c2c32 years ago
Also, I forgot to ask
Do you program the microcontroller using the 5 pin header?
If so, how do you connect it to a computer.
Do you need any other hardware for it?
One last question: would it be possible to program it using Arduino
kukata86 (author)  c1c2c32 years ago
No i program it using pickit2 programmer without soldering.
You can program it using this header after solder it once without solder and desolder the chip from board many times becouse you can burn it.
This is normal ICSP header/conector that have every pic programmer like pikkit 2 or 3. You can find more info in the internet about this header.
Maybe it's possible to use arduino for programing with propper software in it, but i think will be easier to use some cheap programmer.
Mnbadger2 years ago
Is this 125Khz or 13.56Mhz? It mentions both EM4100 and Mifare which are separate frequencies, very cool!

If people are looking for just a cloned key www.clonemykey.com is a much easier way, kinda expensive though.
raaj252 years ago
by using this can i design my ownRFID system for position control
ncortiz2 years ago
danic2 years ago
So your idea didn't come from http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Universal-RFID-Key/ then?! It's good to see that you have been able to take the idea further. Nice work.
bye bye2 years ago

is this like yours,isnt it?
Identical PCB, seem's exactly the same to me...
kukata86 (author)  bye bye2 years ago
No it isn't. But it's another interesting demo clip. Thank you for request.
Nick_de2 years ago
Nice and detailed. Great work!
Edgar2 years ago
I have a neat pack of Instructables to talk about, today on my Blog, and your's one of them! :)
kukata86 (author)  Edgar2 years ago
Thank you so much Edgar.I appreciate the gesture
Edgar kukata862 years ago
You know, I've been divulging this stuff for a couple of years, now but one day, I thought, maybe folk will like to know their work is been divulged...I guess I was right! :D
il_matthew2 years ago
I'm pretty curios by the whole RFID world possibilites, one thing it bothers me though: I managed to read my own work key (wich contains an Rfid chip) with a nexus (Android phone) equipped with a nfc reader. Could it be possible to use the same principle (cloning a rfid card) with just a smartphone and an nfc reader?
kukata86 (author)  il_matthew2 years ago
RFID emulator works with 125kHz and EM4100 proticol. RFID emulator and NFC use RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifiication), but use different standats for comunication and use different frequency NFC standarts are ISO/IEC 14443 and FeliCa and ISO/IEC 18092 and use 13.56 MHz that is hardware integrated.You can't make device for 125kHz to be Readed by 13.56 and inverce.Resonant frequency of the two devices is different and ся hardware set.
You can't emulate nfc tag working on 13.65 Mhz with RFID emulator from this article and can.t emulate 125 kHz rfid chip from nfc transmitter.It's not hardware supported.
RFID emulator can be used only for 125kHz systems.that is most identification cards with only identification in it. it's used in Barriers, access gates and ect.
When you already have Nexus and nfc device If you want to copy nfc chip just read it and write it in new blank and you will have 2 similar chips.See ths link

I hope this information helps.Greetings.