Introduction: RFID RC522 (Raspberry Pi)

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Basic tutorial of how to setup a RFID reader/writer (RC522) with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Parts

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RPI 3 –

4 Amp Power Adapter –

16GB Micro SD –

Jumper Cable Assortment –

RFID Sensor –

Step 2: Setup

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SDA <--> 24

SCK <--> 23

MOSI <--> 19

MISO <--> 21


GND <--> 6

RST <--> 22

3.3V <--> 1

1. Enable SPI Interface

sudo raspi-config

2. Reboot

sudo reboot

3. Check if spi_bcm2835 is loaded

lsmod | grep spi

4. Install python2.7-dev

sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev

5. Download Git Project, change directory, and install

git clone

cd SPI-Py

sudo python install

6. Install MFRC522-python

git clone

cd MFRC522-python

7. Run script


Step 3: Code

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Step 4: Additional Info

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