RFID Tagging a Souvenir to Play a YouTube Video

Picture of RFID Tagging a Souvenir to Play a YouTube Video

Surprise your guests by linking any object in your home to online videos! For example, in my home, if a guest picks up one of the pieces from my tea set and places it on an area of my coffee table, it plays a movie from my trip to South Korea on my LCD screen.

This is a really fun and easy project and requires very little effort. All you need is the souvenir of your choice, the Touchatag starter system, and a computer equipped with Internet access and USB 2.0. The Touchatag system is a low cost RFID reader that reads the number on an RFID tag and then associates that number with a webpage, movie, file, or more.

[Note: If you want to hook this up so you see the videos on your home LCD or Plasma, like I did, you will need the appropriate video and audio connection cables. Read your TV owners manual to find out which ones are right for you]

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Step 1: Upload Your Movie to YouTube

Picture of Upload Your Movie to YouTube
Upload a movie to YouTube following their guidelines. If you don’t have a movie to upload you can link to one of the millions of movies to already on the site.

Step 2: Plug in Touchatag Reader and Install Software

Picture of Plug in Touchatag Reader and Install Software
Connect your Touchatag RFID reader to your computer via the USB port.

Go to the internet and download and install the Touchatag software client on your PC or MAC for your touchatag reader to communicate with the Touchatag online service. Follow the directions of the installer. It will ask you to create a user name and password. Once that is done you have access to what is called the DASHBOARD - this is your homepage for setting up each tag number and associating it with a movie.

Step 3: Associate a Tag with an Online Video

Picture of Associate a Tag with an Online Video

Follow this tutorial movie on Vimeo to learn how to link your Touchatag tag to a YouTube movie with the video player application. If you do not see the video click here.

Step 4: Attach tag to Souvenir & Repeat!

Picture of Attach tag to Souvenir & Repeat!
Peel off the back and stick the tag to your object (e.g. Souvenir). Repeat the steps above for each item or souvenir you want to open a movie.
tinker2343 years ago
hey could iengrave rfid into a metal plate that way it dosent look like a sticker also thin alluim could it cover it and still work
jackfriend4 years ago
I really want it to work without the internet connection. Does anyone know a software that would do the same function (open files on my computer when the tag is read) without the connection? Will the TouchATag do that (once installed) without the computer being online?
this would be great because I could run it from a little standalone computer so I could use my internet computer for other functions. I like the idea of opening my photo albums from my souvenirs.

Also, I think I could make some really fun teaching applications from this for my son.
Bom6at5 years ago
This is a great idea!  Thanks for sharing it!
That's pretty awesome. And it's not all that expensive. It's cool howawesome technology doesn't have to be expensive at all. I'll have to try it.
SwitchGirl (author)  LuminousObject5 years ago
Please do and let me know how it goes
CazzPhoenix5 years ago
I'll have to try this out sometime. I don't know the limitations ofthis but I'm picturing a large wall mounted monitor that can changeto match the colors of table cloths, placemats or plates being used.
Of course the setup of this would involve much more than I'd ever bewilling to try lol
SwitchGirl (author)  CazzPhoenix5 years ago
This idea is definitely possible. Each cloth would have its own RFID tagand then you would use the weblink application in TouchATag to open afile (on your computer or anywhere) that is basically a webpage of asolid color.

You'd have to get some sort of Kiosk software for your browser soeverything would open full screen. But otherwise, you could do thistomorrow in a few hours :) I say go for it.
rimar20005 years ago
Very clever idea!