Step 9: Train your cat

This shouldn't be too difficult. Wait until it is dinner time, put food in the feeder and encourage the animal to point his nose where it is likely to activate the reader. You can draw a target on the enclosure. When the animal succeeds, there is instant reward. Even if the door does not open every single time, it is still likely that over time, your pet learns to operate it somehow, just because getting food is a strong motivator. Do monitor your feeder's behavior though. I myself had to do a lot of debugging before it worked flawlessly. It is helpful to have an extra tag at hand just to test the device now and then, without having to bother your cat. Important: if your cat is not used to wearing a collar, he/she will have to get used to it. Over the course of several days, start with putting it on for a short time, then progressively longer. Monitor your cat closely while he/she wears the collar in the beginning. While the animal tries to get it off, the lower jaw can get caught, which is not good. To prevent this, the collar should not be too loose. If you hear strained breathing, loosen it immediately. In my experience it is about right when you can still squeeze in two fingers.