Rail Gun Weapon Prop Fabrication - Nerf Mod





Introduction: Rail Gun Weapon Prop Fabrication - Nerf Mod

This image shows my 3D concept model and the finished prop I used for the "Hill-88 assault" video sketch > http://vimeo.com/fpdesignfab/hill88assault and "Sniper versus Scout" short film > http://vimeo.com/fpdesignfab/svs View these links to see how the prop worked out in the final product.

Step 1: Video of All Steps

This video shows all the steps I took to make this quick low budget rifle prop from a nerf gun.



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    is there any way someone can nuy it off of you? Because I am going to comicon and I need a gun because I am going as a Soldier

    Hi Snek, I'm using these props for filmmaking so I can't sell them but I do make custom props for clients. If you have a prop you would like just let me know your budget and what you want and I can build you one. Email me at FPDesignFab@gmail.com

    Looks really good, well done.

    Thanks Brandon!

    Hey, welcome to the site!

    Your prop gun turned out pretty awesome. I like the clever addition of the metal bits. Very nice work!

    Thanks seamster. This was one of my first of many props. Most all the props I build now I design & fabricate from scratch. Cool site. I'll post more builds as my time allows.