video RGB Ambient Reactive LED lights V2.0
Very very simple and cheap way to make good looking ambient RGB lights that reacts on video brightness and color. Schematic is very simple, NO microcontrollers.






P.S. Use any parts you see as best!

Here is video from version 1.0

hnajaf1 year ago

can u show us video or wiring VGA from LED how did u connect them

noname4042 years ago
this is nice! I just might try it! ;)
warlord66662 years ago
WOW!!! Just WOW!! I'm going to this today!!! Cant wait to do this!! This is so simple and cool!

Thank you!!! :D
Lecture2 years ago
how could you make it Glow brighter? the green colors aren't so strong.
Lecture Lecture2 years ago
yet, Awsome project! Really awsome! i was looking for some like this some time ago.