Picture of RGB Fast and Slow Flashing Throwies
Here it is!! A Fast or Slow flashing Led Throwie that will light up any room! They are so bright and will be perfect for any projects with kids. We tested them in our lab and they will last for weeks (non-stop) with a small powerful CR2032 Coin cell battery.

The LED flashes red, green, and blue! One amazing thing about the multi-flashing led is that they will flash colors during the transition of the RGB colors. Therefore you will get a combination of six colors!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This is what you will Need:

1. 3mm RGB Flashing LED (Slow or Fast)
2. 3mm LED Holder
3. One CR2032 Coin Battery
4. Acrylic Holder (Optional) Can use any type of wood or plastic)

If you are in the need to get all the parts, we offer low priced kits here.

Step 2: Insert LED Into Holder

Picture of Insert LED Into Holder
Insert your RGB LED inside the 3mm Holder.

Step 3: Assemble Holder

Picture of Assemble Holder
If you purchased one of our kits with the custom acrylic holder, simply remove the blue protective coating. If you want to make one on your own make sure the whole is between 6.8mm -7.0mm. 

This will depend on which type of 3mm LED holder you purchase. You can get crazy an make the legs and shape of the overall holder to any spec you want that will allow the coin battery to drag freely! (We will discuss in next step)

Step 4: Insert Holder into Stand

Picture of Insert Holder into Stand
Now you will need to insert the 3mm holder with the RGB LED into the stand. 

Step 5: Insert Battery

Picture of Insert Battery
Take the CR2032 coin battery and insert it between the LED wires. If it does not cut on at first, simply flip the battery around. 
You can now ad tape to the batter and wire to hold in place.

These RGB Lights will light up your room! If you use acrylic, the lights will bounce off the material giving you some nice effects. 

buttim1 year ago
Fast and slow flashing??
mytinkerbot601 (author)  buttim1 year ago
The circuit inside the RGB Led will allow it to flash colors slow or fast.