Step 2: Building the Lamp

Picture of Building the Lamp
The lamp itself is built out of single-wall corrugated cardboard reinforced with sheetrock corner bead and held together with rivets.  I found the plastic corner bead from lowes was very convenient, because the holes in the bead were perfectly sized to accept a 1/8" size rivet!

My lamp measures 30"x30" square and is 3.5" tall.  This size was arbitrary, you can adjust it based on the size of the room or number of LEDs.

Assembly Steps:

1) To start with, cut 4 pieces of the sheetrock bead 30" in length.  Using these pieces, form a box as shown in the picture and install a rivet in each corner.  I recommend using a square to make sure all the corners are even.

2) Next, cut 4 pieces 3.5" in length for the vertical wall supports.  Again, the height of the walls was arbitrary.

3) Place one 3.5" piece in each corner and rivet into place.  This adds rigidity to the square, as well as vertical support for the walls.

4) Now cut cardboard pieces to fit in the bottom of the square and the four walls.  The cardboard can also be riveted to the sheetrock bead.  Just poke a little starter hole through the cardboard before inserting the rivet, and be sure to use a washer on the side of the rivet that presses against the cardboard (otherwise the rivet will pull through).

5) (Optional step) Paint the inside of the lamp a bright color to help reflect the light.  I used white semi-gloss paint since I had it on the shelf.

6) Finally I suggest wrapping the outside of the lamp with your fabric of choice.  I chose a flat black fabric to match the room decor, but you could really pick any fabric.  Just pull the fabric tight and affix it with hot glue!