Picture of RGB LED Fiber Optic Tree (aka Project Sparkle)
Find your room a bit too dull? Want to add a bit of sparkle to it? Read here how to take an RGB LED, add some fiber optic wire, and make it SHINE!

The basic goal of Project Sparkle is to take a super bright LED plus some end-glow fiber optic cable and hook it up to an arduino to create a nice lighting effect. This is an imitation of fiber optic star tilings/ceilings but mounted vertically due to not being able to drill into my ceiling and does not use a pre-manufactured illuminator to light the fiber optic wires.

So really it's a way to get cool fiber optic effects without investing in expensive illuminators. Connecting it via LED to an arduino also adds for any type of customization and color refinement! Best of both worlds!

10W LED - $5 - eBay.  **Warning, this is very bright. Do NOT look at this directly when on. Stick it under a box for testing or another suitable covering**
Fiber optic end glow wire - ~$25-30 - I purchased it online from TriNorthLighting. Fiber optic cable is generally sold by the foot at different strand numbers within the cable. The fewer strands in a cable generally the thicker each individual wire, meaning a brighter end spot overall. Check this page for a handy chart on cable number versus width.
12V, 2Amp power supply - ~$10 - I had one lying around.

Secret materials:
Most of these parts are things people will have around and can be reused for other projects
Arduino - $25-30 - I used an Arduino Uno R3
Breadboard - ~$5
Soldering iron - Anywhere from $10 to an order of magnitude higher
Circuit components - each only cost a few cents, the trickier issue is probably where to get them nowadays
Wire, wire strippers, cutters, etc.
Tulle - $5 - purchased from a craft store. It's the material I used to weave the fiber optic strands on the wall
Superchef2 years ago
Great job! It was even cooler to see it in person!