Picture of RGB LED Sculpture
I decided to post this project to enter the Instructable Design Competition and the Make It Glow Contest. This is a logo that my friend designed for his band (Rhyme & Reason). He gave me the opportunity to bring his band logo to life. The logo is made out of plywood covered with black vinyl, 380 RGB LEDs, 28 feet of EL Wire, and 16 feet of RGB LED strip. This LED sculpture is controlled via a wireless controller and will sit on stage just behind the drummer.

Step 1: Getting The Measurements

Picture of Getting The Measurements
To get the correct dimensions I sketched the design using Google Sketchup then I transferred the measurements to the plywood. I used a jigsaw to cut the design out, then drilled out the holes for the 5mm LEDs. After a good sanding to smooth out the edges, I spray painted it black and covered the front face with vinyl using adhesive spray.
cub5262 years ago
I think I figured it out after some research ... this is done with the WS2801's??
cub5262 years ago
Hello. This looks incredible, and I'm trying to do something similar. I just bought an Arduino Uno, and some LED strips (These specifically http://www.amazon.com/LEDwholesalers-Changing-Controller-44-button-3215/dp/B0040FJ27S/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1359604841&sr=8-4&keywords=RGB+LED) My question is, how were you able to control each "board" one by one, if they are all connected together?

Thank you
Schief072 years ago
Very nice outlay of the logo! I voted for you on the glow contest! Would you happen to have schematics of how you tied all the components together?
boeietoch2 years ago
it looks very nice,
but you could create the same effects with less parts though
amartinez39 (author)  boeietoch2 years ago
Thank you and yes I mentioned that it was overkill at the moment under step 8.
billhorvath2 years ago
Holy crap! That's amazing! Great work. :)
amartinez39 (author)  billhorvath2 years ago
LOL... thanx!
hqmhqm2 years ago
very nice!
amartinez39 (author)  hqmhqm2 years ago
kewrw282 years ago
Wow, This looks better than anything I've ever seen. Keep up the good(great) work!
amartinez39 (author)  kewrw282 years ago
thank you very much
CarlS2 years ago
very nice!
amartinez39 (author)  CarlS2 years ago
CelticLock2 years ago
You are my hero sir, amazing job!!
amartinez39 (author)  CelticLock2 years ago
haha... thank you!
ChadRM2 years ago
I'm so excited by this project! It contains the last thing I needed to realize a project I'm working on -- the PCB! I'm new to reading schematics -- what SMD resistor did you use? Once I get that information I can start sourcing my project! Thanks so much!
amartinez39 (author)  ChadRM2 years ago
Thanks a lot! I used 27 ohm 1206 smd resistors
onlinebeat2 years ago
woa! I really like this. well done :)
amartinez39 (author)  onlinebeat2 years ago
thank you!
AtomRat2 years ago
This is crazy! Go completely overkill I say, cRRaziest display I've seen for a while!
amartinez39 (author)  AtomRat2 years ago
thank you!
hexalog2 years ago
nice project
just your video is private
amartinez39 (author)  hexalog2 years ago
thank! just fixed it