Thank you for purchasing SeaTough LEDs RGB LED Speaker rings with tweeter lights.

Sea Tough LEDs is built on first hand experiences of boat owners who
wanted a top of the line product that would offer easy installation and outstanding visual effects at a reasonable price while NOT sacrificing quality.

Our rings are made from 1/4" or 1/2" plexiglass and contain anywhere
from 21+ LEDs depending on the size of ring. The light strips are made from IP68 RGB LED strips, which offer the highest international protection rating against dirt and water (same level as an Iphone Lifeproof case). We use 5050 SMD RGB diodes at 60 LEDs per meter to give you the brightest and fullest light available. The lights are equipped with 22 gauge fully tinned stranded wire to resist against corrosion or breaks that would come along with a standard solid copper wire. After the wire is attached to the lights we coat the connections in a waterproof paste preventing exposure to the elements. We then use heat-shrink to finalize the waterproofing process. All of our rings come with a frosted edge to minimize hotspots and create an even glow.

Disclaimer:These instuctions are designed to give you a simple and straightforward installation of your RGB LED rings and tweeter lights. SeaTough LEDs is not responsible for any damage resulting in the installation of these rings to your speakers components or to where you are installing the lights. If instructions and tips on installation are followed the whole process should be quick and easy.

If you are viewing for the first time and would like to purchase SeaTough LEDs RGB ring and tweeter lights follow the link below!

RGB LED Light Rings HERE!

Step 1: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Remove the Black rubber ring around the speaker to expose the 4 screws that mount the grill to the speaker.

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