Picture of RGB-LED-bike for 50$
Hello reader this instructable should show you how to build a really cool RGB-LED-bike for about 50$. I hope you like it, even if my english is not so good.
Things you need:
-a bike
-RGB-LED-Strips+ controller+remote
-12V battery
-acrylic glass
-aluminium tape
-duck tape
-some cables

Step 1: 1.Cleaning

Picture of 1.Cleaning
The first step is cleaning the bike. I used water and soap to get the coarse soiling away. After I had dried I cleaned it with alcohol so that the LED-strips will stick better.
jibatsu1 year ago
Hi there, i gained my inspiration for my bike from this!

How wave you wired your three strips together? i notice you only have one controller and battery. Are all three strips wired in parallel? if so, do you not get a dimming effect where there is not enough voltage?

The controller takes 12v and if you wire the three strips in parallel, they each get 4v. this is not enough for most functions, mainly the blues. White is only possible at very low levels.

Any insight as to how you wired it up would be grateful.
led_freak (author)  jibatsu1 year ago
Hey jibatsu,
I'm glad that I could inspire someone.
To answer your question, I wired all 3 strips parallel. You do only get a voltage drop if you wire them in line. I found two pictures on Google that might help you.
led-streifen-rgb-highpower.jpgRGB Led strip 3.jpg
Shariq922 years ago
Very unique and incredible idea. Thanks for the great instructable
DJJules2 years ago
Love the commutator and slip rings! Good Job!
Nice instructable. I did vote for you. Do you have more information on the slip ring portion?
led_freak (author)  Marcaine Art2 years ago
First: Thank you and thanks for voting :). Yes, I have some more information and photos for you I will add them soon and I hope it will help you out.
Could you post a link to where you got your strip lighting?
led_freak (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I ordered it on ebay from a german dealer, but I found something for you http://www.ebay.com/itm/5M-5050-RGB-SMD-LED-Waterproof-Flexible-Strip-300-LEDs-44-Key-IR-Remote-/110864929861?pt=US_Car_Lighting&hash=item19d0109445
It is from hong kong and it will take a while until it arrives but it is favorable and you get everything you need 5m of waterproof strip+controller and remote. The connectors look different, but this is no problem you might have to use some electrical tape to insulate them after you plugged them in. I hope this helps.