Create a wonderful lamp which can change color with a RGB Led strip and a controller.

The lamp comes from IKEA and cost 15 Euro, I simply removed the lamp holder from it
and feed the cable from the controller through the hole at the bottom of the "vase".

The RGB Strips can be found on e-bay.
The strips are sold in ribbons 5 meters long and you can buy pieces as short as 10 centimeters.
It cost around 20-25 euro per meter.
I've used a piece of 60 centimeters.
With this lenght you can create a nice ambience but the light is too dim to read a book.
It take at least a couple of meters to have sufficient light to read.
I glued the ribbon with cyanoacrilic inside the lamp in a spiral shape.

On e-bay you can find also the controller, it cost around 15-20 Euro and it works with infrared.
The controller has a set of 16 predefined colors and 4 cycling patterns.
The controller must be powered with a 12V  power supply, and it need around 0,6A per meter.
I used a standard wall wart to power it.

The effect on my night table is fantastic and is very handy to have a wireless switch near to me when I wake in the night and need a dim light to drive my steps.

Hello! This really great. But I have to ask you something. Do I need transformer for this?
Hi!<br>Yes, you need an &quot;ac adapter&quot; able to give an adeguate amount of current.<br>In my case it was sufficient 0,6 A, it depends by the lenght of the led strip.<br>
the heck is a wall wart???<br><br>The EU must be a strange place. All hail America!
eh eh eh :-) <br><br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_adapter<br><br>Lately &quot;all hail Europe also....&quot;<br><br><br>

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