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Hello world! Today i made a RGB led strip control with arduino and android, the app i had already made but this code is different then my previous RGB control which only controls a single RGB Led. For the strip i needed to modify the code a little bit, if you have inverted colors go to the bottom of the code and follow the instructions there. Go to the next step for the Schematic, code and parts list.

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If you have problems with inverted colors uncomment line 76 to 78.

// analogWrite(PIN_RED, (R.toInt()));//if colors are inverted uncomment this part

// analogWrite(PIN_GREEN, (G.toInt()));//and comment below part.

// analogWrite(PIN_BLUE, (B.toInt()));

and comment line 80 tot 82.

analogWrite(PIN_RED, (255-R.toInt()));//comment if colors are inverted

analogWrite(PIN_GREEN, (255-G.toInt()));//and uncomment above part.

analogWrite(PIN_BLUE, (255-B.toInt()));

Step 1: Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Picture of Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Wire the RGB Led amplifier to the arduino, Attach the led strip to the Led amplifier as seen on the schematic, Plug in a 12v Led strip adapter and upload the code.

Check this instructable to find out how to change the HC-06 Name, Baudrate, PIN and more about the hc-05 / hc-06 AT commands.

Parts list.

Good luck!

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