This project has several uses, it is basically a way to control an RGB LED group (tricolor with common ground) via a web page to select which color we want to show.
It may be a way to harmonize a room, change the color of a swimming pool or just fooling around

Step 1: RGB REMOTE Webserver and Serial Connection

In my case the web server is in Linksys router which I have "hacked / tunner" and installed a version of Linux opensource ... in this case OpenWRT 9.02, with this special version for this type of equipment, It can be more flexible than the original software. Installing LUA and one webserver and I have all that I will need.

As to the little memory space of this team, to host my website, I have included a change and I have installed a 1GB SD card as hard drive so you can play and install things without fear to occupy the 5Mb which has by default. I've also created two output interfaces for internal serial ports by default has LINKSYS and that, in principle are control consoles, modifying a bit its used to connect any computer with RS232 communication.

can be more specific?<br>Why &quot;this made no sense&quot;?? works for me and I is useful for other experiments ...<br><br><br>greetings.
ummm........this made NO sense..........

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