Making the Scary Monkey Project project with my son has been a lot of fun so I decided to make another project for the kids. I built an interactive RGB lamp. The lamp has no switch and no dimmer, it’s entirely controlled with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The RFID reader is hidden in the lamp body and the RFID tags are embedded in colored wooden disks.

You can change the color of the lamp by placing a colored disc into the circular recess in front of the lamp body. When no disc is placed in the receptacle, the lamp changes color randomly. Place the white disc to produce a white light and the black disk to turn off the lamp. You can also turn the lamp into a stroboscope or produce other special effects by combining different sequences of colors.

The body of the lamp and the RFID disks are made out of scrap wood I had in my shop. The shade is made from a transparent drawing tube and tracing paper.

Step 1: The Material

There are many different ways this project can be built. The following list only includes the essentials electronic components required for the project.

  • RGB LEDs strip
  • 3 N-Channel Mosfet transistors
  • RFID reader and tags.
  • One 3mm or 5mm LED
  • Arduino micro-controller
  • Piezo speaker (optional)
sweet project! it would be an awesome christmas gift for my niece
p.s. watch out the period on your GitHub url
Thank you! I fixed the URL ...
very nice. <br>Where do I buy the accessories needed for this project? <br>I am just getting started to build things with my daughter 11. <br>havent done anything. <br>so any pointers will be very much appreciated.
Thank you for your comment! There are hundreds of sites where you can buy electronic parts but my favorite place is Adafruit Industries (http://www.adafruit.com). They sell good starter kits and have a huge collection of tutorials. This is the perfect place to start with electronic. Good luck!
The project is great, but what struck me is how wonderful for your son to see you creating, my daughters (now grown) both spent time in the shop with me and now they do all kinds of creative projects, there were many times when it would have been quicker if they didn't help, I'm glad I took the time and so will you.
Thanks for your comment! I totally agree ... They are 5 and 8 years old and they already love building things.

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