Step 4: Solder the components

Picture of Solder the components
After making the PCB, you'll solder the components.

Follow the schematic and board layout to populate the board.
I suggest you to start with the microcontroller related stuff, and test it first.
Don't forget to solder the jumper wires!

Then solder all the LEDs and TLC5940 and all the remaining components.

Properly secure the batteries, otherwise it'll fly away! (check the video)
Since I didn't have the battery holders that I placed in the board layout, I had to use another kind of holder.
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cryptoni5 years ago
what kind of connector is that for plugging the hall connector
Hazard (author)  cryptoni5 years ago
I don't know what it is called. Just go to your favorite electronics store and provide some kind of description or show the photo.
90degree male header.
cryptoni5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Hazard (author)  cryptoni5 years ago
Could you clarify the question? I could not understand. Thanks!
cryptoni5 years ago
i dont know how to make the pcb in eagle editor show me i have all the components and parts all i need is your pcb thanks