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Create this two-tone ring dog toy by combining two lengths of the basic 4 strand crown knot. Easily adjust the size and scale of this toy based on the rope or the size of your pet. For 3/8" rope figure 4" of rope for every 1" of finished knot, ie: 6" finished knot uses 24" of rope.

  1. Begin by cutting 4 equal length ropes, here I used 60" or 5' long ropes.
  2. Use 2 of the 4 ropes to create a 7" long finished crown knot.
  3. Then watch the video as to combine the second section to the first and finish it.


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Having trouble with the knot see my video instructable at


Please discard if toy becomes damaged or torn. Not intended for children. Should be used for chewing & playing only. Supervision is recommended when dogs are playing with toys.


borgem (author)2014-11-23

I made one with both 3/8" and 1/4" paracord. then made one out of the 1/4" only. A bit of a pita to make the ring vs. just a straight bar. Sometimes I feel like he's just trying to undo the braid/knot rather than chew on it...silly pup

missyrae2002 (author)borgem2017-06-24

What did you do with the loose ends? I can't figure it out

borgem (author)missyrae20022017-06-25

you braid/weave them into the other side you are joining to for at least two rows (some may recommend a higher minimum), and then cut & melt. it will be notably fatter where the splice is, but you can somewhat mitigate that by placing the splice area between your hands and rolling it back and forth

I would recommend a good set of pliers or forceps for grabbing onto the end and pulling it tight.

RobynH11 (author)2016-01-04

Where is the end of the video? I watched the whole ten minutes just to see how the ends were finished... And you don't show it. As the video ends, the dog would pull that apart in seconds. How did you secure the eight rope ends and make them disappear into a neat finished ring?

SparkySolar (author)2014-11-11

I have a hybrid poodle, and one of my cats got sick and urinated into his Toybox.

you will not believe how many toys I had to wash.

2 full machine loads.

So I am making the toy for heavy users.


SparkySolar (author)2014-10-26

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


Zachattack2002 (author)2013-12-22

This is pretty cool. One question what's a crown knot?

There's a link to the crown knot lower down on the page.

flutteringwings (author)2014-10-19

I can't figure out how to end it. I see how you've connected the two at the end, but what happens to the loose ends when you're done?

XxZombiexX (author)2012-03-11

Love this idea! I've wanted to do circles like that before but couldn't figure out how to join the ends; the whole time I never thought to use two sections joined at the base.

I have one instructable for a cat/small dog toy using crown knots for the handle. Our pets love it (and rope toys in general).

Bindi 3000 (author)2011-10-17

it's pretty awsome i'm going to make my dog one on the weekend i'll show it

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