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The ring-lovers among you will know what I am talking about. You own loads of beautiful rings but you forget about some of them because they are not on permanent display. Every display item I own really only stacks rings on top of each other so really you can't see every ring in its own beauty.
This RING rack shows off every ring beautifully AND is a perfect decoration for every wall!

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

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- a picture frame (any size or style you like)
- glue (I used E6000)
- small wodden clothes pins
- lace fabric
- not on the photo: I added light green paper under the lace

Step 2:

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Take out the inner parts of the picture frame, put the lace fabric or whatever you would like to have as a backgound inside and close the frame.

Step 3:

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Glue the clothes pins onto the outer glass. Let them look right and left alternately. This way you create the most room for the rings later.

Step 4:

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Let the glue dry, fill with rings, hang onto the wall and ENJOY!


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