Step 3: Key chain step 2 : final preparations and assembly

Picture of key chain step 2 : final preparations and assembly
take the 4 wires and fold them down the middle to form a U shape.

order the colored wires however you like.

using a pair of scissors cut the tip of the wires in a straight line.

gently insert the wires into the RJ-45 plug. be careful not to mess up the order.

while holding the wires in and making sure they reach the very end of the plug crimp the plug using the crimping tool.

check the wires are in place and not coming out.

cut about 3cm of insulation and insert the folded wires into it, then push it as far as it will go into the plug.

put the rubber protection over the wires and plug.

insert the key ring into the loop created by the folded wires.
Jabroney4 years ago
I do a lot of cable termination, and have fell in love with the EZ-RJ45 plugs from MilesTek. lets you feed the wires through the plug and crimp and trim in one go!
I've got some leftovers from a recent project, I'll definitely need a key fob like this!