Microchip's ICD2 provides a 6 wire pigtail to program and debug PICs. This instructable shows you the pin-out for connecting this pigtail to an RJ45 female connector.

Step 1: Materials

1 - RJ 45 Female Head.
1 - Length of CAT5, ideally with a solid (not stranded) copper core.

Step 2: Pin-Out Table

This pinout uses a T-568B wiring scheme:
A neat trick that I've seen used (and used myself!) is to solder the wires to a 0.1&quot; breakaway male pin header ( <a href="http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/break-away-headers-straight" rel="nofollow">http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/break-away-headers-straight</a> ).<br> <br> Here's a nice write-up: <a href="http://www.robotoid.com/appnotes/circuits-making-pin-jumpers.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.robotoid.com/appnotes/circuits-making-pin-jumpers.html</a>
good ,which is used software and plz. give the details of programs transfers process? which is ic supported
Its a very good idea but the connector on the ICD2 unit is actually a RJ12 (same as US telephone connector but all 6 conductors) An easy (and cheap) solution for connectors with the ICD2 unit is to make a 10 Pin IDC cable (5pins x2 rows) with the RJ12 on the other side. IDC headers fit on Strip-boards better than RJ12 sockets. If you recycle a lot of old components like me then you find it harder to get RJ12 sockets with all 6 pins at times. where as ICD headers are a plenty, you can pull them off almost anything.
my IDC ICD2 cable pinout is as follows if your interested:<br/>(as if looking at the header on a target board)<br/>Pin Function<br/>[1 2] = PGC<br/>[3 4] = PGD<br/>[5 6] = GND<br/>[7 8] = Vcc<br/>[9 10] = Vpp/MCLR<br/><br/>All my boards have this connector added.<br/>

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