These cute little charms can add a dash of fun to a rainbow loom bracelet ,or any kind of bracelet!

Step 1: You Will Need......

•A loom
•A loom hook
•14 bands of one color
•1green band

Step 2: Starting the Berry

Add one band going diagonal to the left

Step 3: Starting the Berry

Then add one band vertical

Step 4: Starting the Berry

Then add one diagonal to the right

Step 5: Add

add two bands to each row

Step 6: Add

add band diagonal to left and right

Step 7: Add

Then add triangles to the middle

Step 8: Add Cap Band

fold a band into (cap band for those that are familair with rainbow loom):-)

Step 9: Turn

Then turn your loom around

Step 10: Follow

follow the way I loop

Step 11: Keep Swimming:-)

Step 12: Push Hook Through

Step 13:

add slip knot

Step 14: Pull

pull off gentle and enjoy
<p>Thank you this is amazing</p>
Looks awesome
<p>Made 2 berries in 1 minute!</p>
That's awesome!
<p>Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
My overall fav!
This is so cute!

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