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Well, the RMC came out of a at least two weeks of having the "K'NEX blues." I could not come up with ANYTHING to build...and it was VERY frustrating. This gun is a FANTASTIC gun, and was great fun to build and to play with. It is rather big, but since some people on 'ibles seem to LOVE over sized guns, that should not be a deterrent. Lets look at some pros and cons, shall we?

Epic looks (IMO)
Great range: 45 to 50 ft.
Two extra mag "cases"
No sights
Mag goes in the top
Simple mech
comfy handle
Medium accuracy
Only requires 4 broken pieces (that is, if you only are gonna make one mag)
A ton of fun to shoot

A bit bulky
Can misfire (but this HARDLY ever happens)
Not a model
Only a 6 rd. "mini-mag"

So, what do you guys think? Oh, do you have any model ideas for me...? XM8 perhaps, the other ones on this sight stink.


BaneAlGhul (author)2013-06-27

I really like this idea. I don't care for a shooting Knex gun, but for someone who does this is probably very cool and would be great for a war!

Good, I'm glad you like it. Oh? You are not into shooting K'NEX guns? Funny, I don't know how many of us here on 'ibles "is not into" shooting K'NEX guns. But, it does not really matter in the scheme of life.

Yeah, it's just that I don't think they get enough solid range to actually be fun to shoot, whereas airsoft guns can get pretty good range before the rounds frop off.

Ah, I see. Kinda makes sense.


Element Force (author)2013-01-11

omg thats a good idea but please post it!
This gun+instructions=me happy

I am not gonna post it, but here's all you need to do. Build my RCP, then mod it to be this gun...they are quite similar.

Knex.X (author)2013-01-12

There are plenty of options:
Bendy rods
Some guy made louis xiv's semi auto into a small internal mag pusher mag.
Try a BAW like mag
Desperado mag

Vaetheon (author)2013-01-10

Cool, but how does no sights and mag goes in the top get into the pros?

Because. When do sights actually help with accuracy? 0.0 XD

I never said they did but how are they a good thing?

Well, I guess that fact that it had no sights was just a stat...not a pro or a con.

Knex.X (author)2013-01-12

Nice idea. Try another mag pusher though. This one's very ugly IMO

Dude...its a concept gun. Its not supposed to look epic. As to the mag pusher...what would you suggest? I have never seen a better one that the one I used for that size of mag.

dr. richtofen (author)2013-01-10

It's very cool. I can't say much more than TheAwesomestDude said. However, aiming will be a bit hard with the mag on top, though I think that can be solved by adding sights just on the side of the gun (a little like the Bren has).
Keep up this great work

Thanks bro. I am glad that people are starting to "recognize me." I see what you are saying about the sights...but since when do K'NEX sights even work...? 0.o

No problem. Lol 'bout the sights, you're kinda right there. Oh, and about the favorited thing, I like the concept of a compact, yet multiple mags holding gun

Yup thanks bro. *extends hand for a shake*

No problem (btw, click the image if it doesn't play. I'm not sure if .gifs work in comments)

XD...nice GIF.

Dude...? Favorited this? Thanks. :-)

knex builder. (author)2013-01-11


Ya hurt your what?

Oh wait...your kinda looks like a KAP-40!!!

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-01-09

i think that this gun is nice innovative and compact, it is a solid build - in other words- i like it

Yup, thanks bro.

your welcome

CODawesome (author)2013-01-10

great idea with holding multiple mags!!!!! But how is 'no sights' a pro?

Thanks bro...I guess that they are just a factor...not really a pro or a con...0.-

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-01-10

It's nice that there can be attached more than one mag to the gun at the same time.

Yup, that is the point of this gun... :-)

I know I just say that I like it, it's the first gun with so many mags I ever saw :p

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