Hi all. i have been studying the vast collecion of minigun pics availible on the net, and the collection of knex miniguns. I believe this is and will be the 1st Knex Minigun instructable (not slideshow). I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, but realised that wasn't 100% possible. Actual Minigun barells are only connecred at one point, but with knex, you would need two points. I took this into account, and eventually decided to connect the handle and barell, which gave a firm base to add the main 'shell' of the gun. If your still reading this, you're probably getting bored. Let's get into pros and cons before ya' decide to just skip.....

Top handle
Angled back handle (comfortable)
Octapod... aka stand... (not tripod, is an octagon)
Shoots from a chain

Octapod pivot sometimes snaps (rarely, but happens)
Range varies

Ok. Were ready to start. This is a heck of a project!

Step 1: Firing System

Building the 'boxy thing that goes on the side'
The chain puller basically...
The main shell is confusing me,how many segments do you make?<br>
hey can i have a part list??????
Yeh and me, it is quite confusing when there is no list of parts etc, but other than that it is freaking awesome!!!!!!!
I like pie<br>
pie is awesome
Oh no. I now have a huge temptation to build this.
Hey can somebody post a firing video and a part list??
Doubt either are possible...
How many green rods does it use?
great gun, fun to use, but the octopod is flimsy and keeps breaking on me-probably something i did wrong, but besides that, its awesome
Thanks :) I used Cyber K'nex for added strength on the Octopod...
hey, i have a problem with it<br>although you have scrapped it already, i was thinking you may be able to help<br><br>when i put in a chain loaded and everything, it only fire the first three or so shots before the chain comes off the gear<br>i removed the wheel and it helped a little bit, but did you eery have this problem when you had the gun?
Does it fall into the gun or out of it? If it's out, the motor may be struggling to pull the weight and will jog the gears in its efforts. Try changing the batteries, or ger a blender ;)<br><br>If it's into the gun, the last couple of shots usually fall through without the motor's help because of the weight.
sorry, but nevermind, i hadnt put enough lead for the chain to get a good grip (i only have about a foot of chain) so it was just coming off<br><br>thanks for replying tho<br><br>wow, just asking for help then figuring out what was wrong after you replied, trying to help makes me feel terrible<br><br>well, thanks i guess<br>(i cant really say anything without seeming like a jerk)
neither<br><br>it just falls off the gear, towards the front of the gun even when it is held out straight or supported by a table<br><br>i found that a slower motor actually helped, but not much
can you add a video to see how it shoots?
Do you know how old this 'ible is?!
Could u build it with one cog?
and why not use a green connector instead <br>
me too <br>
Pretty Nice. I like how you did not fancy it all up like a lot of K'nex builders do. I think it just wastes time to make it fancy.
what does it fire
Whoa!<br>This is amazing!<br><br>Even though I don't have enough pieces to build it, If I did, I defiantly would make it!<br>I'll try to make a smaller version of it and post it.<br><br>5*
There are many guns that use the same mechanism. Supapoopa recently posted his take on it I think.
luv it
you have really have made my day, thanks for making the gun and posting.<br> <br> you rule
Haha. Thanks!
on picture 3 are the black things on the white circles those little green rods?
Sure are :-)
Cool gun. I made it and it is very fun to use. Just one thing. Arent miniguns supposed to be small
Haha. No. You're thinking of mini gun
Oh. Okay. Thanks.
Is it possible to build this without the whopping long bit on the bottom? I don't hav emany yellow connectors left.
Yes, actually. I'll get you a link to somebody else's mod, because of the same reason.
can i use your firing system for a gun im making?
I don't have that motor,so im going to try useing a different one. i will tell u if it works.
OK :) Good luck!
hey if you took off the barrels, rigged some gears to another cyberknex motor, and rigged up the motion sensor you may be able to make an Auto-turret
im going to too
on dimembering a connector: not gonna matter for me, I broke one of those white pieces by accident. 8/
how the hell do you make knex mini guns....<br /> <br /> how does it fire at speed?<br />
how big is it?<br /> <br />
when coming version 3 on instructables??
2or 3 weeks
ahhhhhh .......................
Making further advances... Will be a vid soon! (soon is god knows how long)
I&nbsp;have an Idea! Why don't you post it then create video later? It is Febuary. I'll try to remind you to post it every month. Hopefully I won't be 20 by the time it's posted.

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