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Introduction: RMConstruction's Shadow Sniper Rifle

This is my Shadow Sniper-Rifle. I was improving my previous sniper, and i kinda hated the back, so i only kept the barell. I added various other parts including a great ratchet system and foregeip. Gradually, i improved it more and more, and i ended up with this great gun. I call it the "Shadow" sniper rifle because it is still quite accurate in the dark.

Removable stock
Removable scope
Fairly accurate

If you use the wrong size band, the barell can rip in half

Red connector + blue rod
Random connectors, not white. They jam the ratchet!


Step 1: Handle

Pretty easy to build, follow the notes for details.

Step 2: Trigger System & Ratchet

The trigger and ratchet system. Follow the notes for details.

Step 3: Foregrip

The foregrip for the barell. Very easy.

Step 4: Barell & Supports

The easy Barell and supports.

Step 5: Scope Attatchment

The scope. Very easy.

Step 6: Stock Attatchment

The stock. Pretty easy, notes to help.

Step 7: Assembly

Pretty easy assembly. Notes to help.

Step 8: Rubber Bands

Adding the bands. Again simple.

Step 9: Loading and Firing

Easy. Pull back your band, connect to the ratchet and fire!!!

Your done!
Enjoy, and please don't forget to rate and comment!!



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    "It was great for its time" Seriously? You have a very high opinion of yourself...

    You are not a Knexer. It was great for its time, yet you come and oppose it with your 'stupidly high' standards. You are not Gtrain, and will never share his knowledge. I would like to end this here. No further commenting from you is required or frankly wanted.

    Connectors. Red connectors with a red rod attached work best.

    made its cool

    nice gun. i love the instructions. i have also now decided on the sniper im gonna make when my friend comes over on monday. 5*

    Nice gun man it and i did modify some things Nice gun i rated 5.0

    whats the ammo

    where does the elastic band go on the trigger

    1 reply

    You can see it on the very last picture.

    The gun looks ok but the stock and scope could use work and the design is not new so 4 stars.

    In ,short, NO. Sorry, this gun is long gone.

    This weapon is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best weapon ever ! You're the man now!

    1 reply

    hey, nice gun man. just out of curiosity, if it uses a rubberband to launch a projectile, how can it use a removable mag? our any type of mag in the first place?

    1 reply

    There are different types of knex guns. this gun is called a 'sling shot' gun. with sling shot weps, you can't use a mag.