RMConstruction's Knex True Lever Action Rifle!





Introduction: RMConstruction's Knex True Lever Action Rifle!

The very first posted mech for a true lever action. The lever isn't really that hard to pull back, and unfortunatly, you cannot overdo the rubberbands, as you'll end up pulling the equivalent force with the lever, and possibly break it :-(

It  can easily take 2 #64 RB's, bit I haven't tried more...

Pretty damn cool
Lever works smoothly
Good Weight
Iron sights

Bit blocky
Sometimes jams...

Vid of it shooting too!

Step 1: Small Odds and Ends

 Small and vital pieces

Step 2: Shell

The main body of the gun, and some of the innards...

Step 3: Lever, Second Trigger and Bottom of the Handle

The step name says it all.

Step 4: Partial Assembly, and Stock

Yeah... um...


Notes are there...

Step 5: Top Rail

All of the same part, different angles...

Step 6: Main Assembly and Stringing

You will need some STRONG string. Something you can tie...

Step 7: Loading and Firing

Well well, you got this far. Go hang it up somewhere, if you just want to look at it.


Step 8: Bask in Glory!

Nice one!

What you are looking at or about to look at anyway, is my latest and greatest!


(A cookie...)



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    check out my concept for a true lever action gun it dosent use any string and can hold quite a bit more power

    is the stock nessisary and mabe a part count would be nice but youve prob torn this apart already

    The stock isn't necessary for function, though it makes it a lot easier to actuate the lever.

    Looks great!

    can oit work without the wheel thingys

    It won't be anywhere near as smooth but it might....

    I love it. Can I use it in my coming idea? (you'll get credit of course.)

    Of course! Just give it a better body and I'll be happy!

    Thanks, I love the mechanism but I want to make a different body.

    Not to be a late buzzkill, but this isn't 'true' lever action. A lever does not prime; it clears a previous round and chambers a new one.