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Introduction: RMConstruction's Sl8

Hey there guys! This gun took me a couple a' days of non constant work. CREDITS go to Selezonia (For his G36K, the front half) and Shadowninja31 (For the KTAR8, the Handle). Thank you both!

This MIGHT be posted, depending on requests.

Me and Senior Waffleman have both made Sl8's, and are gonna combine them and make one almighty SL8!

Admittedly, I need to improve some elements of my design, including the stock and magwell.



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    As mentioned, this is simply a combined KTAR8 and Selezonia's G36K. The mods are only slight to make it look like this.

    Yes this was external wise right? Im now saying that you had to have modified some of the internal parts, or even the external parts. (I dont use this type of housing for my guns though. Or I may not understand this concept).

    his wasnt bad, mine wasnt either, but he combined like 2 or 3 guns, didnt really make it towards the sl8 itself