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We all have to be aware of wasting energy,and this Instructable was forwarded to show you how to save energy by using throw-away plastic bottles. There is a lot of raw plastic materials being not recycled. It just goes into a garbage pile . I have used plastic drink bottles for whirligigs and also old CD discs which are also re-cyclable.The resulting devices I use in the garden or my trees as ornaments that twist and rotate in the wind.


Step 1: Parts and layout

Picture of parts and layout
1-A couple of old cd discs can be used or any round piece of plastic about 1/32 thick.
Beverage bottles- I used a water bottle about 2 inches diameter and 8 inches long after cutting off the top . A scissors can easily cut down the length .I used a strong shears for cutting the bottom.
Best string is a 1mm dia.plastic cord I found in an craft store for under a dollar. It should be stretchable. Stretchable string gives a counter-rotation after the wind winds -up the string and stops.
Glue can be hotmelt but I used Goop Glue. It is slow in cure [one hour] but very strong. I also use fish line illustrated here.
lemonie6 years ago
I got half way with one of these and gave up, so congrats on the finished job!
They work a bit better with some over-lap in the middle, like Kiteman said Google for "savonius turbine" if you're interested.

mistici lemonie6 years ago
thanks L- I believe that would be an improvement as it would be more solid construction. My spot gluing seems to work in a 20mph wind storm tho for at least 5 months..
mistic (author)  mistici4 years ago
added history;;
Its been over 2 years now that my original model was exposed to the weather.
Its still rotating .The swivel [used by fishermen] is still functioning.
lemonie mistici6 years ago
I should have maybe looked at plastic and glue, rather than metal-cans and screws... L
NikonDork6 years ago
Kinda interesting.... wonder if you could mount a small DC motor on this and make a small novelty wind powered generator.
Yes, you could - google for savonius turbine or for picoturbine.
mistic (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
vertically mounted plastic pop bottles work very good as they rotate  in wind of any direction horizontally. I am working on adding a motor generator. will publish  in Dec.
mistic (author)  mistic5 years ago
woops- havnot  finished the new mg set addition- working on recycling  those ubiquitus  plastic bottles ...
I am working on this. I saw the savonius turbine Ins, they feel that there should be more area to the their vane construction. I am going to do this by tandeming one set of 3 above the first one on one axis rod. Or use larger diameter bottles too. will publish if it works with a small VCR motor i have.
mistici6 years ago
I might enter the Led contest.. Let the motor-generator produce 5 to 10 milliamps at 3 to 5 volts and presto my LED would light up,
foobear6 years ago
clever! I like it as a use for an old plastic bottle