Introduction: ROV-E | RC Tank-less Submarine

the log of the project

Step 1: Structure

Picture of Structure

made the structure in pvc pipes

Step 2: Engines

Picture of Engines

modified bilge bump as the thursters

Step 3: Pcb of the Sub.

Picture of Pcb of the Sub.

made it in Fritzing

Step 4: Flasher and Lights

Picture of Flasher and Lights

added lights for better vission

Step 5: Sensors

Picture of Sensors

added compass for to fing the heading of the submarine and a tempurture sensor.

Step 6: Control Panel

Picture of Control Panel

made a control box with screens and joystickes

Step 7: Final Look


d-larsen (author)2016-08-07

Thanks for sharing, but can you include a little more of instructions?

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