Step 2: Cutting Away Unneccesary Parts of the Motor Housing

Step 2:
(cutting off the pump chamber)

---Since I was going to attach a bigger propeller
on a longer shaft I needed to cut away the pump propeller chamber.
<p>Hey!</p><p>Please explain how are you controlling the motors, arduino or something?</p><p>I used a 20m LAN cable and an extension for the web camera but my laptop is not able to power the webcam because of the long 20m LAN cable. Can you please suggest something regarding the live feed of the camera?</p>
<p>Nothing so complicated as that. He just uses a switchbox on the surface with one switch per motor. (See step 9) Another way to do it is shown on the home brew ROV website </p><p><a href="http://www.homebuiltrovs.com/seafox.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.homebuiltrovs.com/seafox.html</a></p><p>where it shows how to use some old video game joy sticks. I made a Seafox a number of years ago and added a cheapie B&amp;W video camera. I built the whole thing for under $100. See pic.</p>
<p>to charge ur battery , get hold of a old home security panel and use the charger board part of the panel it will keep the batt charged and will not over charge </p>
<p>The particular battery seen in this instructible is commonly found in many desktop computer battery backups (UPS). The batteries can be had online for around $13.00 and you can use an old backup to charge them. </p><p>Or as someone pointed out, you can buy a charger online. All you really need (very basic sense) is 12 volt output at around 1 or 2 amps. So you could even build it. Beware though, building a very basic charger will not prevent overcharging.</p>
<p>hi, can you send a picture for the control box?</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>hi, can you send me a picture of the control box?</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>how long should the pvc pipes be?</p>
<p>Chargers for 12v batteries are like 7 bucks on ebay and you should use PVC glue/cement instead of melting PVC it damages your lungs if you inhale the fumes.</p>
<p>yeah he is right</p>
sugesst a method to protect my Rf module as i am also makin a underwater robot. the method should be in such a way that no interference should occur as my setup is wireless.please help.......
<p>yo that was five years ago, did you figure it out?</p>
<p>Thanks EdwardS30. Answers in forum are never too old. An answer to the original could be too late, but someone else could have the same question answered, without having to retyping it. So sad that many people don't understand how a forum should work.</p>
<p>I doubt an RF module would work, because radio waves don't travel so well through water. I reckon a couple of ultrasonic transceivers would work better.</p>
<p>wait.How do you extend the camera lines?do you just cut and solder it????</p>
<p>rembre sao??? it wis a g00d show</p>
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<p>I have an idea to use an old trolling motor. I want to put 2 servos on it one to turn left and right and one to tilt up and down to ascend and descend. The motor has reverse. It has 12 lbs thrust. I can use the control head on the motor to control speed and forward and back, but will need the servos that I can stop at a certain location for direction and depth. Any ideas for this. It should only cost for the 2 servos and pvc.. I have three web cams that I can mount. It will be kind of big, but that is ok. Suggestions??</p>
<p>how is the up and down controlled </p>
<p>This is awesome!!!</p><p>i like it very much.</p>
This is really cool, but wondering how fast it goes up and down? Also is there a way to make it quicker in the water? This is open to anyone
I have a question, how did you route the power to the ROV from the 12V battery without losing power?
How do the pump can go backward?
some of the instruction are not clear coz it jump from one part to another, no offense. <br>i want to built it but i cant see the list of all materials needed to build this prototype, i hope you didn't get offended. thanks and GOD bless
&nbsp;hi if you have an old security system that is no longer in use you can use that as this type and size of battery is the standard security system backup battery if you don't have the security system the voltage required is 13.6v dc at 1 amp but you will have to set a timer for the same amount of hours as the amphr as the battery ie: 7ah =7 hrs 6.5ah =6.5 hrs etc etc &nbsp;
&nbsp;be careful not to overheat the battery as that will dry out the gel cells inside and the battery dies then it still has one use left (holding the door open on hot days)
thanks for the tip
What Depth Can It Go???
tested it to 10m
Why do you have mesh on the top? To protect propellers? It seems like a waste of materials and lots of drag when moving vertically...?
very true. I removed it later, put mesh over just the propeller instead
Hi, you have a great instructable!!<br>You have another instructable that has a word document with the materials.<br>Will those materials work on this instructable.<br>Thanks in advance!<br>
What motor did you use?? How did you make it waterproof? thanks.. :))
Where did you get the motor's? Are they just like fish tank pumps?<br>
at a hardware store, they go as bilge pumps, or pantry pumps :)
On the fist page of the build were all the pictures are, the ones that have the glowing ROV letters in it, from the non enlarged photo perspective looks like its says TRON. End of line for me...
buy some speed controllers, a wireless camera and a RECEIVER+Transmitter and make it RC-driven. would be fun :)
radio waves don't transmit under water :P
Why not control it using sound. Maybe even a code of dots and dash's to program it. i.e. drop 5 feet, forward 20 feet... (its all fun right)
That's not strictly true; the VLF range is used by navies to communicate with submarines running underwater, but is limited by the fact you need a big antenna and/or High Power and is not open to amateur operators. :)
well it still has a tether, all he is doing is running an extended antenna through the tether so as to minimize the number of cables that go through the tether. technically it is just as Remotely controlled as mine as it still uses a tether.
Yea I am only 13 and I am hoping to finish mine sometime this week if i finish it i will post a video.
&nbsp;how did it turn out?
Hey sorry haven't been on this site in about a year. ill get the pics by tomorrow i just got sidetracked and still need to paint it and fix some buoyancy problems.
Here are some pics the camera housing isnt on it right now but the frame and motors are all wired up and ready. I also have the controller ready it just needs a battery hope you like it ill get the camera housing done soon.
thanks for adding a pic of your control box, i have been thinking how i wanted to do this but not quite sure, and a picture helps me get ideas
i just realized i have totally forgotten to include pictures of my control box! will put some up soon
Although i am almost done, it needs a few touchups, but this is pretty much it except i don't have the camera mounted just yet because i don't know the power requirements and I'm running from a 12v car battery and the camera is supposed to be pugged in AC.
i really liked your design! Looks like the vertical thruster gets less obstruction from the frame than on mine and, it&acute;s centered!<br>Well done!<br>Have you tested it?

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