Step 2: Cutting away unneccesary parts of the motor housing

Picture of Cutting away unneccesary parts of the motor housing
Step 2:
(cutting off the pump chamber)

---Since I was going to attach a bigger propeller
on a longer shaft I needed to cut away the pump propeller chamber.
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eoj52 years ago
How do the pump can go backward?
I can not understand why you modify this pump to make an helix propeller. I think  that is more simple use the pump like a jet-pump-propeller (whitout tuning work). Please teach me.
daniel2008 (author)  superstupendoman5 years ago
 this is a one way bilge pump, it is made to pump water in one direction only, hence why i cut the housing off and attached a prop so i could make it work both ways
Atarimark5 years ago
What brand of water pump are you are using? I like the sleek design of those pumps over the bulky box shape of the ones I am finding.