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This was the ROV I built for my science project for school. 

Step 1: Materials

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Because this was a science experiment to See Wich a jet drive or prop drive would make and ROV go faster i had do do all the steps of the scintific Procedure. The materals were (look in word documents.

Step 2: Frame

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The frame of the ROV is made out of PVC pipe that I just got at the store.

Step 3: Paint

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Painted the rov gray so it would look like metal. I use a spray paint made for plastic.

Step 4: Making the Motors

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 I used Kajnjaps procedures to make thrusters. use this link to get the instructions for the motors:

Step 5: Wiring

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Very nice, keep it up.

bjc4073 (author)2013-01-29

BTW the materials doc is you have a link? Also what is the cost of the total project

qrcline (author)bjc40732013-01-29

I will get the materials fixed soon the entire project cost me around $350 dollars but i had expensive/hand made pieces donated so probably with those included you are looking around $500 max. I suggest get all parts you can online because it is much cheaper.

daniel2008 (author)2011-03-16

hey! nice to see others working with my design too :)

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Bio: I experiment with new R.O.V designs to make the best R.O.V ever.
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