This is my K'nex RPD. Sadly, it doesn't shoot. This is my first model, so this isn't very good. I didn't make a drum mag because it would use way too many green connecters. I think this is the first K'nex RPD. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.
My favorite gun to use in BO2 zombies.
Where is the mag?
I didn't make a drum magazine for this, because I didn't have enough green connectors.
The front looks a bit flimsy, but 4.8*
You're right. It is flimsy. =D
no problem
Is this the first K'nex RPD?
Are you working on anything now?
A bit. I have an non-shooting sniper right now. It uses Exoticz (something like that) m1 garand mech to eject ''bandoliers'' But I think I'm gonna destroy it next week to build something else
What are bandoliers? Are you going to post a slideshow of it?
I don't know if they are realy called bandoliers. It ejects shell-like things from the top, like an m1 garand does. I don't know if I'll post an slideshow, but I'll see what I can do
Just to clear things up, what you're referring to is an "en bloc" clip. Bandoliers are the belts of ammunition that soldiers will wear over their shoulders.
Ah, yes. I've heard that before, must've been forgotten by me.
I'm sorry, I wrecked it up today and made some shooting carbine and model smg-thing of it, which I will destroy in the weekend (lol)
So are you going to post the stuff you just made? What's the longest you have kept a K'nex gun?
something like that yes. The longest I kept, hmm. I don't know for sure. I think the el diablo pistol (from viccie) it was the first knex gun I've ever made
I used to keep my guns for a really long time. But now I break them sooner to make something else.
Yes. I break them sooner too. But I've kept mine modded version of twistedparadox's ak-47 for like 2~3 weeks. After I break the guns I have now, I'll make it again I think
But how would you remember how to build it again?
I posted some pictures on the original slide show. Look at them, than you'll see<br>
I saw it and it looked cool.

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