Introduction: RPG-7

I made an RPG-7 prop that can be used for homemade movies or scaring you neighbors. Here's a few pictures of the making. It was made from random stuff found around the house. Tell me what you think! If anyone likes it i might make an instructable.



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    scaring your neighbors is a surefire way to have the police called on you

    I wanna make this it's awesome as :)

     I was playing airsoft and the other team had the same non-functioning prop, and one of them pointed it towards our base and screamed "R-P-G!!!!!", and we all ran in different directions and ultimately ended up losing because it scared the crap out of us!

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    Haha! An excellent example showing the many uses of this thing

    i can't ait until mines done i'm gonna wear a orange ninja mask and some ripped jeans grab my RPG and run around my neighborhood yelling death threats

    If you've done it yet, how did the National Guard's taser feel?

    That's the kind of enthusiasm I want to hear!

    Better safe then sorry.

    here is the real one for a comparison

    thats awesome as all hell. now make it so it works. good for airsoft?

    Hey everyone! Here's the new published instructable! Check it out!

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    Hey thanks for putting this up! This will make a great prop for my movie!

    Thanks for the input guys! Don't worry, one will be coming soon. Hang in there!

    This is EPIC!! Please tell me how to make it