Introduction: RPG Bullet Type Bomb Thing

This Bullet goes with my gun called Paper RPG. If you havent made that yet, search it on instructables.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is:
*3 pieces of paper

Step 2: Making the General Body

Roll a cone shape by getting any corner of a piece of paper end rolling a big cone shape. Your hand should fit in the end of the cone. Make another one but make this one slightly bigger. Tape the two together.

Step 3: Finishing the Body

Roll a piece of paper about the size of your index finger. Make sure it fits snugly in he middle barrel of the rpg. Cut a hole in some side of the bullet. Make sure the tube fits snugly in the hole then tape.
Trim the paper that sticks out about 2 inches long then tape the end to make it air proof.

Step 4: Operating/ Finishing.

Put the bullet in the middle barrel of the rpg you made and blow HARD in the blowing tube.
Thats it that easy.
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catman0321 made it! (author)2010-09-27

i think it might be better with construction paper ,but i like it to

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