here it is! the first knex rpg on this site!sorry for taking so long, just got back from skate camp and immediately started to work on it. Has extremely long range and is fairly easy to load.doesn't use to many pieces hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Mechanism

8.attach pieces together
9.build firing pin(sharpened)

Step 2: Handle/trigger

5.attatch trigger to 1st step
6.add handle

Step 3: Barrel

5.slide piece 2 through yellow rods on both sides
6.attatch piece 1
7.add grey pieces to both sides of yellow rods
8.should look like this

Step 4: Connect Pieces

1.connect barrel to trigger and mechanism should be fairly easy.
2.add firing pin

Step 5: Bullets, Rubberband, Placement, and Loading

1.add 2 rubberbands to firing pin
2.add rubberband to trigger
3.add rubberband to top of firing pin
4.bullet 1
5.bullet 2(this one is better it is sturdier)
6.you need a large rubberband for the barrel(do not know exact size)
7.put rubberband like this on front of barrel(should look like this on both sides)
8.stretch rubberband back ,lock in the bullet and hook rubberband onto hook of the bullet(look at my video if you do not understand)
What is the purple clip? I think I have it wrong because my trigger doesn't work
dark grey clip, different colour<br>
cool! im building today. although i wouldnt call it an rpg, that stands for <strong>r</strong>ocket <strong>p</strong>owered <strong>g</strong>renade.<br/>
its actually rocket PROPELLED grenade stupid
Or Rubber Powered Grenade
RPG<br />role playing game<br />rocket propelled grenade<br />rocket powered grenade<br />rubberband powered grenade<br />rubbish poop grenade<br />really powerful grenade
it can also be Rocket Propelled Grenade
Yup its rocket propelled grenade. finally some1 who knows it =P<br/>
or R-oll P-laying G-ame lol
Or R-eally P-owerful G-ame (pigeons and such..)
RPG rubberband POwered grenade, knex of course
It can also be: Ручной, Ruchnoy (Hand-held) Противотанковый, Protivotankovyy (Anti-Tank) Гранатомёт, Granatomyot (Grenade Launcher)
how the frick do u do pic 4 wat do u add?
This gun is really powerful I bled when I fired at me. I made a different bullet, though. It is a blue rod with a red connector. Worked better than your bullet. Here's a tip, everyone. TAPE YOUR BULLETS! You can then put on so much more bands.
0.5 star. the trigger dosent even work.
ok i fixed the trigger. ill change the rating if u can help me. when i fire it&nbsp; the bullet just breaks and it goes flying&nbsp; straight upwards and i dont know where the bullet lands.... whats the problem with it?
you may be either using to strong of bands causing it to snap, there might be a piece blocking its path to the front or you might have not put the bands in the right spot
theres only one problem<sub></sub> it fires backwards compared to a conventional RPG, the handle is at the front, not the back, on a real one<br/>
You can just swap sies and put the rubberband on the other end and themechanism on your end, but if you put your ear on it like real rpgs itget chopped off bby the&nbsp; bullet
i moded mine to be so tall its taller than me
why sharpened ?
cause if it was a regular rod it would get stuck in the ball joint connector which is the black piece
is this an rpg as in a rocket propelled grenade, an rbg as in a rubber band gun, or just another knex crap gun, or a good knex gun. im too scared to look at the instructions myself
it is an rpg but mostly for looks.it shoots further than the srv1 and if you dont believe me look at my video.So i guess its a pretty good gun
that wasn't the REAL SR-V1.
how accurate is it? i mean if you were aiming at a cardboard box from 20 ft would it fly over it?
that means ma m2 is the best shooting knex gun o.0
wuss! lol, jk
what is that little black peice doing i cant figure how to put it in
ball joint connector
how do you lock the bullet in place
you push it in like aregular bullet lock system like on killerks pistol, so pretty much the firing pin hits it out of the bullet lock and then it shoots the rest like a slingshot gun
yeah, even though i could figure it out, it wasn't as clear as it could have been, more pictures would be helpful
can ayone tell me a rough range
With one, long, stretchy rb, it got me about 120ft at a 40 degree angle. It can put holes in cardboard from 10 ft, and make dents in cardboard at ~40 ft. after that, I sure hope you're American.
no im not and why
'cause those measurements were in imperial, not metric. unless some other country uses imperial.
oh ye, now i get ya
i cant figure out wat that black peice is on the mech.
ball socket connector
Yea I figured it out.
Doesn't look much like an RPG unless its just supposed to fire the same kind of ammo......hmmm
awesome! 4.5*
Combining a ram wht a slingshot.. GENIUS
post a vid of it firing plz!
alredy did..
finally replied

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