Introduction: RRRGv1

About: Dude why do you look at my page?

  Just a gun i've made 
(no ible just make it from the freking pic's)
Gun is posted already 
Link: www.instructables.com/id/RRRGv11
Already making a bigger sidearm of it.



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     No offence, but please, buy an English dictionary.

    'Compacter' in the sense that you used it does not apply.

    You mean 'More compact'

    Sorry, I am somewhat of a member of the 'Grammar Police'

    i have one but i need a map to find it and it's dusty, and btw grammar police doesn't workon internet...

    hey!!!! im dutch to!!!! but my English is really good :D. i built this gun just from the pics! i made 2 so far but now i broke them i working on a sniper, ;D