I'm back Instructables, hopefully most of you remember me. Anyways this is the first gun I made since I quit in 2008. This gun shoots rubber bands instead of K'nex rods. Tell me what you think, if I get a good review I'll post it. Oh yeah, sorry about the bad pictures, I had to use my laptop camera, I tired to edit them a little and make them look a little better.
<p>post instructions</p>
Looks OK, but i don't think many people will be impressed with an RBG.....
I like rbgs
post, what is the trigger system? <br>
I like the design, but do you think that you could post instructions?
post post post post post post post
<pre> Not bad, but not exceptional either, 3.5*</pre>
nice!<br />
Somewhat good. Many people don't like rubber band guns, but the design looks sorta nice. Still, post it.
Not too good now, may have been better received during the time you quit. &nbsp;You should go and build the Untangle on KI.<br />

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