I made the knex flexible sword, and I thought "Hey, this is like an abby whip!" So I made a rune defender! great for runescape real-life skits!

Step 1: Pecies Pt 1

Look at the pic

Step 2: Peices Pt

Look at the pic

Step 3: Handle

Build the handle

Step 4: Blade

Build the blade

Step 5: Connect


Step 6: Connect!


Step 7: Finised

congrats! now go off and kill some... things make sire you ave 9 deffence!
lol sry runescape I played but then quite
its "OBBY"whip,and thats not even tha real name...
where do you hear the letter "O" in Abyssal... Abby Whip is short for Abyssal Whip
nonononononono(realy fast ,lol)i ment o as in "obsidian" objects like "obby" cape but i guess that has nothing to do with this:/ so watever...btw i always wondered,wat IS a rune defender?is it a dagger or shield of sum sort because ive always seen ppl wearing that in the laft hand box (usualy thats where u equip a shield) on "worn items" list...
its basically a shield that gives attack bonus, hard to obtain i only have a bronze defender. You have to get into the warriors guild and play most minigames and earn warrior tokens. then go to the very top and you can kill cyclops (waist 10 tokens every minute) theres a chance that they will drop a defender, starts at bronze and then all the way up to rune
 im glad that this will go great with my KnexScape (Runescape stuff made out of knex)
runescape is easy and crappy mav lvl in one night so easy
Ga buitenspelen ofzoo..
I play runescape, but even this is sad.
i can't belive ppl actually like that game enough to make weapons from it. i mean it can't even qualify as an MMO its more of a MO since barely any1 with common sense, a life or money plays it
I got principals award, money , and i do other stuff. And RuneScape rocks!
Rs is still garbage, that award means nothing, and if u really did have money (not just five dollars you get from allowance) you probably would be doing something better
I have common sense, money and i'm alive. Why did you need to say that?
Sorry that was just used to improove my point, I just think rs can't really qualify as a good video game. I mean wow beats it and gw beats wow IMO just try to play real games next time. And please, I don't want to start an argument having to type on my iPod.
Do you play GW? And why do u think it is better than WoW even though it is.
Yes I play gw Basicly I think it is better than WoW since the graphics are better and it actually requires skill to win in pvp plus there are less annoying kids calling people noobs
lol i almost want to make you type on your ipod... but i'm nicer than that :)
Thx man and I'll admit to the first rs player I've met(if you are one) who isn't overly obsessed that it isn't too bad it just has really bad graphics.
thank you too :) And the graphics have got a lot better on the hd mode, you should try it
wrong. i may not have common sense, but i do have those other things. the truly lifeless play WOW, as they can't get a date.
anyone that plays RS is a freak
says you
im jk i play it all the time
good for u, but i made that comment 3 months ago.... btw rs is a childrens game, fps games are the way to go
sweet man!
yer runescape! I have a level 75!
i have a... 64
rofl 123 ftw?
70 now :P
nice smidge, so do i. no lie.(thats an old comment so your probley lvl 90 by now -_-")
lol, i hacked the server once and got level 999999(note that is what is displayed, my stats did not match a level 999999 person(the real stats of a level 999999 are based off of some data i got of the stats gained from leveling up)) then i got baned and was bored of runescape.
my friend and i used to mess with their server before they put it on steroids lol i had quite a few rare items haha but that didnt last long
omfg thats just sad desperation
a rune defender?never...
WoW pwns DAoC, DAoc pwns archlord pwns runescape, runescape pwns Gaia, and gaia doesnt pwn anything defenders are sharp. i should know, i got like 7 of all of them.
Perfect world = Silkroad Graphics, WoW fighting system, Granado Espada System, very good community. PLAY IT!<br/>
not to mention the scant clad girls ;)
Lmao. Yes, Them too.
WoW pwns all other mmorpgs btw do you play WoW?
WOW sux
no, u suck. u just say it sux xuz ur poor and cant get a membership so u dont like it...
damn pwned that noob
no. i just think that WOW is a ripoff of runescape, because runescape is older AND does not MAKE you buy a membership to play.
dude you can set up a private server of your own to play on or leech off someone elses private server that they made!!!! runescape has tons of noob 6 yr olds that dont know what pwnt is and start to stalk you and yell like "cupcake!!!" or "couch underwear feels good!!" because they think its funny. private servers are so much better because you can change all of the things you dont like about the game like not have the wildY!!!!! rofl WoW pwns.....
I meant getting wildy back not taking it away and i wasn't thinking about what I was typing...
funny thing that wow is actually based off an age old game called warcraft. you should look it up it's pretty old
i played warcraft all of them
Um... ding-dong, this is knex, I can't sharpen it... noob

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