RS Woodcutting Guide


Introduction: RS Woodcutting Guide

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In this guide i will show you the best ways to 99 Woodcutting!

Step 1: 1-20 Woodcutting

Cut normal trees till 20 woodcutting. This should take 40 mins if your quick.

Step 2: 21-35

Cut Oaks till 35 Woodcutting.

Step 3: 36-50

This is where Woodcutting gets exiting! Cut Willows till 50.

Step 4: 51-70

Yes, this this will take ages. it takes the longest too. cut Maples till 70 or if your not a member cut willows till 70.

Step 5: 71-99

Ok... This is the longest one of them all. yews till 99!

Step 6: Map for Willows

This should help for the willows.



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    Ah i remember my days on runescape. I had like 78 wood cuting and 57 crafting level 60 somtin combat. geez I look back and Im pretty embaressed about how much i would play

    Man, this is old. I haven't played rs in ages. But from what i remember i cut willows for 35 to 50 or something and maples till whenever.

    try playing habbo i like it ive been playing for 1 year and im addicted to it in total i spent 150 hours in front of the computer screen :)

    back then party hats were worth 400 coins now 400mil you should of kept the party hats till now

    actually 1 to 99

    Not having played this game, could you tell me how long (in hours) this takes you from 0 to 99? L

    8 replies

    Days, months, weeks... years... A very, very long time... Atleast 50 hours if your a moderate willow cutter. (just that part)

    Crikey! You spent 50 hours chopping virtual wood? These games developers are sadists! I watched a friend of mine playing a game where you had to do work to earn money (virtual money) - He'd spent all day doing a real job to earn real money and he relaxed with that...

    I hope that when you get to level 99 you're really good at chopping heads off?


    No, I forget what it was though. L

    lol. I kinda (almost) quit playing about 2 years ago... You could buy the 'best' armor for about 20 hours of cutting... Then you could go pvp, it was fun, untill they killed off the pvp...

    i stoped after 3 year mostly mining and killing from time to time

    its back on some worlds, just really bad