RSBR V.1 (Red's Sub-Battle Rifle)





Introduction: RSBR V.1 (Red's Sub-Battle Rifle)

Hey guys. Well, this gun is kinda cool, in the fact that it is a breach-loading battle rifle, but other than that, its nothing special. It has MANY similarities to my M21, but it is still quite different. It is open to a ton of attachments, and is a beautiful gun in general. My mom practically forced me to post this...XD

This gun does have two big disadvantages, one of them being that it is a breach loading mech...the other I am somewhat reluctant to tell...It has pretty bad range, but I'll get to that in the pros and cons...

Epic looking
Does not use to many pieces
Comfortable rifle body
Breach loading mech
Kinda like my M21
32 1/2 in. long
Nice, comfortable trigger guard
Carry handle on the stock
Comfortable thumb hole
Looks great with bipod and scope attached
True trigger
Scope is best on this sight
Shoots sniper rounds (Yellow rods with a dark grey connecter)

Bad range: (20 - 30 ft.) (XD...I am so embarrassed to say that... 0.- )
Bipod attachment area is not sturdy

Credit: brammeke11's Automatic Bipod (mine is modded to be longer and less orange connecter consuming)

Well, there you have it. Good looks...bad range. Its just awesome...XD



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    it would be awesome if this was a hybrid loading rifle, breach and mag-fed. try using the mag on my m4a1, it looks like a sniper mag:

    ya, just make the mag well to the right size

    Bad range is probably caused by the lack of a pin guide and the fact that your barrel is made outta orange cons with white rods?! A different bullet w/o grey con also helps, however, you'd have to make a bullet lock then. Also, remove the stock thingy. It's useless piece consuming. Decent gun though.
    3.5 stars for the awesome handle.