Here are the instructions for my knex grenade launcher and entry for Round 1 of TGKT.

Step 1: Piece Count

Here is the piece count (including ammo).


Grey - 9
Red - 50
Yellow - 23
Blue - 83
White - 100
Green - 99


White - 5
Blue - 54
Yellow - 107 (2 are orange with thing on top)
Purple - 7
Green - 11
Red - 26
Orange - 60
Light Gray - 3
Dark Gray - 40


Y-Clips - 34
End Caps - 4
Grey Spacers - 24
Blue Spacers - 32
Tiny Wheels - 4
Grey Gears - 2
Ball Sockets (Part that the ball goes into) - 2

Step 2: Upper Barrel


Step 3: Lower Barrel

1-6: Make

Step 4: Supports


Step 5: Handle and Trigger

Credit to Viccie.B1993 for the trigger

Step 6: Stock


Step 7: Bipod


Step 8: Scope


Step 9: Grenade


Step 10: Assembly

1:What you should have
2-3:Upper Barrel + Lower Barrel
4:Scope + Upper Barrel
5:Support + Barrel
6-7:Support + Barrel
8-9:Trigger and Handle + Barrel
10:Support + Lower Barrel
14-15:How to add the bi pod

Step 11: Rubber Bands and How to Use

1:You need 1-3 chains of 4 and one single rubber band.
2:Main rubber bands
3:Trigger rubber band
4:Pull rubber bands back to white wheel
5:Insert Grenade
What does (or did) it shoot?<br>D4 Splodies?
u look like IAC
the iac is a machine gun dude<br>
I_Am_Canadian is what i think i meant, i dont remember posting that, so im not sure what i meant
u could mod it in 2 a m32 grenade launcher it is like a revolver but much bigger and fires grenades lol its a lot of fun watching stuff blow up
hey jollex, would you be able to tell me which steps are the trigger, firing mech, and barrel please? i cant see the steps properly : / sorry, im colourblind : /
Are the small wheels nedded?&nbsp; I dont have any or have never seen them before.<br />
its for the grip<br>
This is awesome!
Do you need all of the spacers and will it effect it's performance?
do you have to use the orange ones with things on top?
i have one tini tiny question WHAT IS THE TGKT
The Grand Knexpert Tournament. The biggest compitition in the knex world. Only Knexperts can join. I belive that Jollex won the first TGKT round with the Railbow rifle.
<p>my reply is late&nbsp;but thanx for tellin me</p> <p>too bad i have no hope for entering it... un less melee weapons can be entered</p>
Well, only knexperts can join anyways. I'm not even sure if TGKT exists anymore!
oh *sniff**sniff* now you made me sad!!!<br />
:-) I didn't make the rules :-P
i no but i wonder who did hmmm *grabs MSR*<br />
<p>I belive that Dunkis&nbsp;made them,&nbsp;but I'm not sure.</p>
The Grand Knexpert Tournament i think.
wat r the end caps<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<a href="http://knex.com/product_image.php?imageid=60" rel="nofollow">knex.com/product_image.php</a>&nbsp;
&nbsp;no, i Couldn't be bothered to post but i can re-make and send clips
this gun is awesome!! i built mine and modded it out with 30 rubberbands and extra supports and now it works just like the fatman of fallout 3! it will shoot a mini nuke ( a nice little design i made out of knex ) about 100 feet!
&nbsp;is ur nuke posted?<br /> <br /> whats the link?<br />
do u need to have all the blues. i have like 60 something and i think eliminating the stock would give me enough unless i need that part.
I built this and I could only get it to fire a few feet. Plus the grenade didn't explode. Can anybody reccoment the best grenade launcher on the site?
I think you did something wrong. The best grenade launcher on this site is the RSGL-81v1.9
H.S.S.R V2.
Thanks! I was looking at this and was wondering if it was any good.
It is very good.
if you dont have small wheels,can you use small gears???
Those pieces are only for comfort, gears would only be less comfortable than the rods they cover.
Why is this gun only added to one group? (I just added it to the really big knex guns group)
how many pieces?
lol great gun i have built it its great i shot about 90 feet with it
hey jollex i maybe i could give you exclusive instructions to the nuclear gun i'm making.
Good job! 5* :)<br/>
hey jollex your stuff is so freaken tight . the only stuff that i make is yours.
Thanks! Have you made my RailBow Rifle?
looks deadly 5*'s
i really like your stuff . i give you 5* i wish you good luck hope you win<br/>
I MIGHT build this. Its not certain, but i MIGHT.
i've been trying to find a good bazooka and i couldnt find one so then i found yours. looks sweet. im building it.
don't you put dsplodies in it?XD awesome
the steps are messed up
Looks totally awesome XD!

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