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I was tired of useless pictures hanging around my desktop so i decided to turn my desktop into a constantly updating RSS bullitin board.

I just loaded a shot of my my background as a game too(JT's blocks from Yahoo)!

I have also included the full HTML with JavaScript and better screen shots in the .zip file.

Step 1: Create the HTML Document.

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You're going to have to make an HTML file. The easiest way to get results is with tables. Decide how many feeds you are going to have and create a table with an appropriate number of rows and columns. Also, set the width and height of the table to meet your needs. I set it to according to my screen resolution.

Step 2: Insert META Tag to Refresh Page Every 10 Minutes

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To make the feeds update you have to add a refresh to your HTML document. This is fairly simple.

Simply place this between your <head></head> tags: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600">.
That simple. The "600" is the number of seconds. If you want to increase the time to say 20 minutes, you simply put in "1200" and so on.

Step 3: Use Feed2JS to Create HTML Feeds

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Now, you find the feeds that you want from all over the web and go to:

Place the URL of the feed(like the instructables feed at into the form and set it up the way you want it. There are a lot of different options so be sure to use the preview feed button until you have it the way you want it.

Once you are happy with it, simply click on the Generate JavaScript button and cut and paste the code it generates into your html for the individual cells in your table.

It will look like this (<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>)

Step 4: Place in Documents Folder

After you have finished editing and cutin' and pastin' be sure to save the file somewhere on your computer as an HTML file.

Step 5: Point Your Desktop to It

Picture of Point Your Desktop to It

Right click on your desktop and select properties. Click on the Desktop Tab, then the Customize Desktop button. Then, click the Web tab and press the New Button. Browse to yout HTML file and hit Ok, then Ok again. Place a check mark next to your files directory listing and remove the one next to "My Current home Page" and click Ok. then hit Ok again.

You may have to do some stretching and moving around but it's all in how you want it to appear.

Step 6: Expand However You Want

Picture of Expand However You Want

I wasn't happy with just RSS feeds so i also added the weather. When you add any pages to your desktop simply make the link to them target = "_self" and it will stay right on your desktop. Enjoy and expand on it as you please. be warned though, this is built on internet explorer so any sites that you go to inside your desktop are completely exploitable the same as ie so I have all of my external links opening with firefox....


motherprune (author)2014-06-14

Its nice

cobbledbeard (author)2014-06-13

Excellent idea, very usable and fun.

mousepaper (author)2014-06-12

Thats excellent

Christopherhenson88 (author)2014-06-11

Thats stunning...

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illrings (author)2014-05-26

Its fabulous

airbugger (author)2014-05-22

This is awesome!

williamsjavellana (author)2014-05-19

Thats marvelous

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spongeraffle (author)2014-04-02

This is so great!

spongeraffle (author)2014-04-02

This is so great!

workexaminer (author)2014-03-28

Its wonderful :)

clickyummy (author)2014-03-08


clickyummy (author)2014-03-08


clickyummy (author)2014-03-08


clickyummy (author)2014-03-08


bearblue (author)2014-02-25


bearblue (author)2014-02-25


gazumpglue (author)2014-02-02

Also, you could use Rainmeter for RSS feeds (and a whole lot of other things), but cool tutorial

Mariska Botha (author)2013-09-04

Hehehehehe, this is super super cool!!!

BunnyRoger (author)2013-09-03

Very cool idea!

Amanda Culbert (author)2013-09-02

Nice one, very cool idea and fun.

MAApleton (author)2013-08-29

Excellent idea, very usable and fun.

kmichaels (author)2011-10-23

I really would like to have this on my desktop I love the idea of having all that right on my desktop however I know nothing of how to do do it, I have read your instructions over and over again and I can't make heads or tails of it except that it looks real cool and I knoow I want it. ;) Thanks for your help

kmichaels (author)kmichaels2011-10-23

I use windows vista so if someone a whole lot smarter then me can find a way to do this with vista that would be AWESOME! you may even be able to market it if you can make an installer program for it. so that it would be easy for people like me who don't have the smarts that it takes to wright code :D

budabob07 (author)2011-03-18

Also, you could use Rainmeter for RSS feeds (and a whole lot of other things), but cool tutorial

za-experimenter (author)2011-02-09

The address you give is not valid anymore. Like JayDugger says, try feed2js.
The exact new address for what you want is;

Annas890 (author)2007-07-06

I agree...but without the swears :)

dombeef (author)Annas8902009-04-25

What did he say?

Rawns (author)2008-10-03

So wanted to do this but HTML desktop support was removed in Vista! :'( Nice idea though. :)

alexh934 (author)Rawns2008-11-16

not in vista ultimate it worked for me

Padlock (author)2008-11-16

Too bad I have Vista. Here's mine I made, and I also put together another file that opened it up in a pop-up that was 100 x 800, and then made it close it self with the "javascript:window.close()" function.

wannabetrumpt (author)2008-08-06

would it be possible for me to set the links for email so that when I click the email it opens my outlook box? I have gmail and rss feed to desktop, but I want to go to outlook rather the Anyway to do this? Maybe have it hyper a .bat file or something?

hmm... can't add gmail since it requires validation in order to read. Is it possible for gmail to reconize the feed or for me to reroute the feed through something that is valid?

ok solved my problem. the required input for a GMail or any other autenticated feed (to my knowledge) is

just change the address to the feed address of the particular feed you want. Hope this works for all!

wee_man (author)2008-05-31

i cool idea would be to put music runing on the destop with a stop button
the code would be

<bgsound src="" loop="1" autostart="true"> etc or any of the other codes

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Virta (author)2007-11-03

Is there a way to make the background transparent? For example in most of your screen shots the background is black. How can I make it transparent so I can see my wallpaper? Thanks in advance.

Toshibi (author)Virta2007-11-03

You could do it with css. You would put all of it into a div and then set the properties on that DIV, like with the background property.

Virta (author)Toshibi2007-11-04

Hah. Forgot about CSS, well thanks a bunch.

TheMadScientist (author)Virta2008-02-16

am I totally insane or do those last two posts sound like you're attempting to imbed counter strike: source into your desktop background...? :D wow, wouldn't that be awesome, imbed secondary desktops (like a second monitor that you can slide your mouse onto) into your desktop background... can anyone think of a way to take the monitor feed from the windows multi-monitor tool and imbed it?

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