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This is the second version of my sniper rifle. It is now five-layered, and much, much smaller. The handle is moved forward, so the gun and the stock parts overlap (they use the same parts, basically), thus creating a smaller gun, with the same barrel length.

I tested it out with red-rod sized slingshot ammunition and two tied 64-sized bands, and I got around 50 or 60 feet. It's not as good as the old one, and I need to make the barrel longer to get more range. The trigger is hard to pull, but it becomes easier with practice.

I will be posting this once I have the range satisfactory (around 90 or 100 would be awesome) and the barrel lengthy enough.

UPDATE: I have improved the gun. The stock is finished (it was lacking some minor details), the trigger is more reliable (now with guard, too!), the back handle connection has been removed, and the handle is now much more comfortable.  The entire gun is also carry-strap compatible, as shown. The range is also better due to the longer barrel.


TheChemiker (author)2010-04-18

I made my own bull-pup sniper recently, as a proof of concept for a new trigger mech.  It makes the whole gun alot smaller, I know.

Raikou-san (author)TheChemiker2010-05-06

I posted some new pictures. What do you think?

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-05-13

Great improvements.  Looks good!

Raikou-san (author)TheChemiker2010-04-19

Cool, do you have any pictures?  

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-20

I can't post a forum topic, so here:

knexfreak95 (author)TheChemiker2010-05-06

 dude awesome

TheChemiker (author)knexfreak952010-05-09


Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-20

How does the trigger work?

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-22

The 3-d connector angles downward, and the round pops out.  Think about it for a little bit.

Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-23

I get it already!

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-23

That idea has been in my head for a long time now.

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-24

I like that idea.  Did this get inspired off my OSSR2 or something?  I can see some structural similarity.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-24

I was going to build your OSSR2, but then decided to build this.  Yes, it is vaguely similar sturtually, but not really.

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-24

Normally I'd post a comment here telling you what you were missing but this looks like a great gun.  The only thing my gun has that yours doesn't is a safety.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25

Well, the bi-pod does not lock up, and I am no good with safetys.  There is also no good place for a safety.  Here are some more pictures:

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-25

Man I could easily make your bipod lock up like on my gun, and I can't really tell from your pictures, but I think I found a good place to add a safety.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25

I did not want to copy your bi-pod, so I made my own, as took alot of structural infuences from your OSSR-2 already.

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-25

I don't really mind, the concept your gun has is really cool, it adds something original.  Just give me credit for anything you do use and I'll be a happy camper.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-26

Alright.  When I post it, I think I'll use your bi-pod.

DJ Radio (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25

Edit- Nevermind my comment about the safety, I enlarged the image and I see that the alignment is not good for a safety.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25


Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-23


TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-23


Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-23

Did you have intentions of posting?

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-23

I knew someone would ask.  I'll post a forum topic with some panels taken away to show how it works.  It is so simple, it would not need more that three steps.  Would you build?  It works like a charm, does not need alot of peices, and is compact, but it need two cut rods.  You see them in the trigger.

Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-24

I think I would build! Just how much pressure can it take though?

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-24

So far, it has no problem with 2 64's and oodammo, which is maximum the smallest ammo that works with this.  I am confident it could hold more.

Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-24

Nice!!!!! I want it!! Post an instructablee! How much range does it get?

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-24

I have gotten 120 ft with canadammo, much more possible with finned sniper ammo.  It shot oodammo straight through cardboard, and canadammo through a magazine no problem.

Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-25

Woah!!! I really want it now!

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-25

Okay, I'll guess I'll post it.

TheChemiker (author)Seleziona2010-04-24

I messed up last comment, I meant to say, "which is the smallest ammo"

Seleziona (author)TheChemiker2010-04-24

oh, kk

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-25

Sliding trigger?

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25

No, it is not straight pull-back.  It is hinged on the top of the frame, so it is like a real trigger.

DJ Radio (author)TheChemiker2010-04-25

Ah I see it now.

TheChemiker (author)DJ Radio2010-04-25


TheChemiker (author)TheChemiker2010-04-20

The trigger is ok, but not like an SR-v2 mech. So far, it hasn't failed yet, though.  Want more pictures?

Raikou-san (author)TheChemiker2010-04-20

Very nice. I think I see how the trigger works. My trigger just holds the ammo against a "ceiling" of sorts.

That stock of yours reminds me I need to improve mine. XD 

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-20

I really like your trigger, I might try it today.

Raikou-san (author)TheChemiker2010-04-20

Thanks. Do you know how it works? It's a gear, in case you didn't know. 

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-20

I get the idea. I will make something reallly similar, but not the same.  I am working on a really cool bull-pup gun right now!

Raikou-san (author)TheChemiker2010-04-20

If you need pics of the trigger, it's modified (but same spots) from the RSS Feed v1 trigger. Pics are on its instructable. 

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-22

Never mind, I didn't build it, I decided to make a shotbow instead.

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-20

Ok, thanks!  I started making my own, totally different, but based on that.

TheChemiker (author)Raikou-san2010-04-19

I will post a forum about it, if ible's lets me anytime soon.

Seleziona (author)2010-04-19

AWESOME!!! I just have one question: does the trigger require tape?

Raikou-san (author)Seleziona2010-05-06

I posted some new pictures. What do you think?

Seleziona (author)Raikou-san2010-05-07

looks awesome! Will build as soon as you post!

Raikou-san (author)Seleziona2010-05-07

Thanks! I'll try to get to posting in the next few days.

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